Saturday, January 10, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 10th

While researching the work of photographer Scott Hoover (see below) I came upon one of my favorite of Scott's pics, that of model Josh Reidel. What a great face with a grin to die for.

Favorite Birthday Boy for January 10th Lee Rumohr

Critics were not that kind to the 2004 flick 'Denied' in which I first was introduced to the talented and oh so hot actor Lee Rumohr. I fell hard for his character Troy, for without much dialogue he put forth such an emotional performance that was actually much better than the movie itself. This Canadian actor is reported to be one of the nicest guys and he certainly is one of the most talented. You may also know Lee from his short stint on Queer As Folk where he appeared in 4 episodes. Lee turns 34 today. Check out his official website HERE:

Lee in 'Denied' 2004

Lee in 'Queer As Folk'.

Also Celebrating today January 10th Martin Rivas

Beautiful Spanish actor Martin Rivas turns 24 today.

Favorite Comedy Currently airing: Big Bang Theory

I am a difficult person to please with tv comedies. They really have to make me laugh. I rarely watch sit-coms because most are so badly done. The last comedy I watched with any regularity was 'Everybody Loved Raymond'. CBS seems to do the best with the sit-com, at least in the last few years. Recently I caught a couple of episodes of 'Big Bang Theory' and upon the second show, went out and bought season 1 and am loving it.

Watching Big Bang on Monday nights also got me to try 'Gary Unmarried' with Joy Mohr, which also is quite well done, and after being on the air a few seasons, I am also starting to enjoying 'How I met your Mother'. I draw the line at "Two and half Men' though which I think is one of the worst shows on tv in decades. The acting and writing on Men is not the problem it is the way the show is promoted as 'Family' viewing, and is aired at all times of the day and evening in syndication now. Personally I would not let anyone under 20 watch that trash. The fact it is so popular somehow scares the crap out of me...

Big Bang is well written, well acted and generally ensures at least a few laugh out loud moments an episode. An orginial sit-com I suggest you all give a shot. Since this Blog is on Favorite Hunks, I have to say a word or two about the guys. Johnny Galecki has the toughest job on the show as he often plays straight man to the other characters, but as always he does a great job. Jim Parsons is a stand out and cracks me up with almost every line that comes out of his mouth. Call me crazy, but I also am attracted to Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar who are the best second bananas currently on tv. There is something so attractive about guys who can make you laugh so hard and Simon, as Howard is my favorite character on the show. Got to give a shout out to Kaley Cuoco who I never really thought much about on her past tv shows, is outstanding as Penny. It is great to have a new show to count on for some laughs each week, especially with all that is going on in the world.

Favorite Face of the Day: Hugh Feist

Many of you may have seen the photo above of model Hugh Feist. It is such a stunning photo, such a great face that unlike some other models who you may long to see more of, that pic says it all to me. Hugh, originally from Germany, moved to LA awhile back to continue his modeling. The pic above, was taken by one of the first photographers to photograph Hugh in the States, Scott Hoover. Scott is known for not only photographing the great body, but the face as well. He certainly did an amazing job with Hugh.
Check out Scott's site HERE:
Check out Scott's Blog HERE:

Hugh Feist:
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Measurements: 41-32-38
Shoe size: 10
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue

Model I am wondering what is up with? Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott is an amazing looking guy. This 23 year old model from Texas was someone I was keeping an eye on a couple of years ago but he seems to have vanished. With Swedish origins, Jeremy has such a great body, face, lips and that hair. I have not seen anything new on Jeremy in almost two years. Both of his former agencies, DNA and Nous Model Management no longer have him on their sites. Anyone know if Jeremy is still working in the business. Jeremy is a hard guy to research as there is fitness model and designer with the same name, so I have not had much luck. Anyway, enjoy the pics, one of the best toros in the business.