Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 1st

Favorite Birthday Boys for October 1st

I LOVED 'The Boy Who Could Fly' when it came out. Have not seen much of actor Jay Underwood since, but he is a busy working actor taking on many roles which surprised me when doing some research. Jay turns 40 today.

Jay in 'The Invisible Kid'

As a teenager I had a very brief, but very hot 'in my mind' fun time with actor Brian Wimmer after seeing him shirtless on 'China Beach'. Such an interesting actor, why is he not busier? Brian turns 49 today.

Also Celebrating today October 1st

Also celebrating today October 1st

Former terra guy Bruno Schuind turns 24 today.

Hailing from Peru, actor Jorge Aravena turns 39 today.

The beautiful and talented Italian actor Stefano Dionisi turns 42 today.

Actor Ted King turns 43 today.

Randy Quaid turns 58 today.

Stephen Collins turns 61 today.

Oh how I love the original Poseidon Adventure. I remember watching a repeat on late night as a kid. So bad, yet so fun to watch. One of my favorites was Linda Rogo played so wonderfully by Stella Stevens who turns 72 today.

Julie Andrews turns 73 today.

TV Show Premier Week Continues...

Well officially Premier Week ended, but since favorites are still returning, so do my posts.

I am totally fasinated by the beautiful Lee Pace. I only watched the pilot and first episode of Pushing Daisy's, but am looking forward to finishing the season now that I have the first season on DVD. Lee is such a beautiful man who has drawn me in with his amazing eyes and expressions.

Friday Night Lights returns tonight with stud muffin Taylor Kitsch. I am about half way through season 2 on DVD right now, and Taylor who was such eye candy to me in the beginning is really growing on me as a very talented actor.

Favorite Tv Presenter of the Day: Dennis Storm

Again I lament on how tv hosts in the US remain tightly covered in suits and ties and hosts in other parts of the world are almost expected to drop their pants for their jobs. . Here Dutch tv presenter Dennis Storm is just out doing his job. A bit more about Dennis HERE: