Sunday, May 31, 2009

Favorite Pic of The Day for May 31st

Yes he has certainly worn less, but this new shot of Edilson Nascimento by Marcio Del Nero is one of my favorites.

Favorite Birthday Boy for May 31st Jonathan Tucker

With so many of my favorites, it was hard to narrow down a favorite birthday boy for today. Almost all the guy celebrating today have been featured on the blog before. I finally had to choose Jonathan Tucker. I was first introduced to Jonathan 9 years ago in the movie '100 Girls' and thought he was adorable at that time. With each movie or project, Jonathan just keeps getting better. Jonathan has a great way of picking projects as well, going between big movies and smaller independent flicks and television shows and guest spots, ensuring he is going to have a long career. Jonathan turns 27 today.

2 Other Favorites Celebrating today May 31st

2 other favorites, both featured in 'Blast From The Past' posts before on the blog celebrate today May 31st

Gregory Harrison turns 59 today.

Tom Berenger turns 60 today.

Also Celebrating today May 31st

Also celebrating today May 31st

Actor Matt Cavenaugh turns 31 today.

I have not given Colin Farrell the due he deserves on this blog yet. I have been up and down on my feelings towards Colin, but have to say looking at his acting credits he is one talented actor. Colin turns 34 today.

Nick Scotti turns 43 today.

The great Clint Eastwood turns 79 today.

Favorite Dancer of the Day: Richard Winsor

There are many young men whose youth is filled by sports. There are fewer whose youth is filled with dance. There are even fewer whose youth is filled with sports and dance, but that was the childhood for actor and dancer Richard Winsor. Over the past few years you might have seen Richard on stage in productions of 'Play Without Words', ' Edward Scissorhands', 'Nutcracker', 'Dorian Gray' and many other productions. If you have not had the pleasure of seeing Richard on stage, you might have caught him in Attitude Magazines's recent 'Naked Issue'. He certainly was my favorite from the shoot. Check out Richards official site HERE:

Below: Richard in 'Play Without Words'. A work created with Matthew Bourne.

Below: Richard in Attitude Magazine's Naked Issue.