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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 11th

Lukas & Robert by Bodytorium
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A Moment to Remember

Whether you're celebrating Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or the Feast of St. Martin, take a moment to remember.


Matt & Jacob by Studio1x


Philip Gregory: FaVorites

Philip by CThomasPhoto

I'm not sure if Philip Gregory is still modeling. He's deleted his Instagram account, and there's not much out there that's easily searchable. What is to be found however, is some incredibly hot images from a few of my favorite photographers.

Philip by Scott Teitler

Philip by Thomas Synnamon

Philip by Stevan Reyes

ACTORS & Skin: Steve Guttenberg

'From 1980 to 1990, I shot more films than any other actor in the Screen Actors Guild, apart from Gene Hackman.'
Steve Guttenberg

Sustaining a successful film career isn't easy.  Not everyone can be Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep, and headline successful mainstream features over four plus decades. Sometimes, you have to guest on a network sit-com to keep those IMDB credits going. 

Saturday Night Live (1986)

For some reason, I was  little sad to recently see Steve Guttenberg guest starring as Dr. Katman on The Goldbergs.  Despite it's repetitive story lines, I like The Goldbergs well enough.  Guttenberg however, was such a huge part of my childhood.  When I was a kid, it seemed that he was in almost every movie I saw and loved.

Cocoon (1985)

Truth is, he actually was.  During the eighties, when I transitioned from toddler to teen,  Guttenberg was in some of Hollywood's biggest films.  From critically acclaimed films like Diner, to blockbusters like Cocoon, Short Circuit, 3 Men and a Baby and the Police Academy franchise.  Although Guttenberg has worked steadily since, my last real memory of him in a studio film was Jodi Foster's Home For The Holidays in 1995.

Although Guttenberg was always known as 'cute', I always thought he was incredibly sexy.  After seeing him play the goofball in so many movies, I remember being shocked, and thrilled seeing Guttenberg's nude scene in 1987's The Bedroom Window.  I knew he had a sexy furry chest, but was not prepared for his tight hot behind when he walked access that bedroom to the bathroom at the beginning of the film.

Although I'd seen screen caps of Guttenberg's beautiful butt from other projects, had sort of thought his scene in The Bedroom Window was it for on-screen nudity.  Thanks to a recently post on DC however, I went back to 1983 to discover another one.  Check it out in the SKIN portion of this piece below!

The good news however, is that Guttenberg seems to be making a bit of a big screen come-back, with eight films due for release including co-starring with Bruce Willis in the soon to be released Trauma Center.  I don't know Guttenberg's politics, but he's also co-starring in a right wing slanted Roe Vs Wade film featuring  Jon Voight, Joey Lawrence and Stacey Dash....  Just to confuse matters, on the flip side, he's also featured along with Gina Gershon, Louis Garrel in Woody Allen's next film.

Police Academy (1984)

Can't Stop the Music (1980)

Video Clip from Scenes from Male Skin

Actors & SKIN: Steve Guttenberg

So in addition to 1987's The Bedroom Window, Guttenberg also had a great nude scene in 1983's The Man Who Wasn't There.  I hadn't heard of the actors nude scene before, maybe because it's one of the many eighties film that hasn't appeared to have made the leap to DVD.  The caps below are from a VHS copy, so not exactly HD, but still fun, and sexy!

High Spirits (1988)

Funny or Die

'We did this video for Funny or Die, which is Will Ferrell’s company. It was so funny that we released it virally, as if it were real. And now it’s the 24th most popular video in the world.'
The Bedroom Window (1987)

The Man Who Wasn't There (1983)

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 10th

Robert by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today November 10th

Happy 69th Mr. Scalia!

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Seasonal Sightings

Firsts: Michael Douglas in Hail Hero

Whenever I put together a post saluting award show nominee's, I look for unique images and lesser known projects of the actors involved.  Over the last few years, Michael Douglas has been a frequent nominee, for his role as Sandy Kominsky on The Kominsky Method.

When I did this past years EMMY nominee's, I decided to skip including images of Douglas as I couldn't really find anything new.  I'd already posted his nude scenes from Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct and Beyond the Candelabra. There was one nude scene however, his first, I couldn't find much about.

Back in 1969, when Douglas was just 25, he took on the lead role in the film adaptation of John Weston's novel Hail Hero!  I had seen one old cap, of Douglas jumping naked into a lake, but decided to hunt down the film myself.  I think it was seeing Fatal Attraction on VHS as a kid that first introduced me to Douglas and his considerable sex appeal.  Douglas was 43 when Fatal Attraction was released and it was fun to go back and check out a scene from close to 20 years earlier.