Thursday, December 20, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 21st

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Seasonal Sightings

Image by Nick Mesh

Wrapped (tightly) in RED

Hung With Care

Long time FH readers may remember my writing about my experience as a teen (HERE:) buying Playgirl Magazine's in the 90's. Before having hot naked men at our fingertips, many of us had to go to the store and buy magazines. For for some, like me, still in the closet, it was a heart pounding, but exhilarating experience.

Although I didn't buy every issue, I always craved the December or holiday issues. I remember being especially horny over Christmas break when I was younger, must have been all those cold nights snowed in.

I loved the holiday themed pictorials,(most of which are on the site) and also the ads for the magazine as well as other products advertised within. Here are a few favorites that I found. If anyone has others, please shoot me a line.

12 Days: Dale Whibley in The Christmas Cure

An emergency room doctor returns home for Christmas after many years to find that her father has decided to retire. After reuniting with her high school sweetheart and spending an emotional Christmas with her family, she must decide if she will stay in her hometown and takeover her father’s practice

Ok, I have to admit, I didn't watch all of The Christmas Cure. I watched only about 15 minutes before heading out the door. I watched just enough to notice the adorable Dale Whibley. Dale played the main characters younger brother, but he has such a great face, that I made a note to google the actor when I got home later.

Although now based in LA, the 21 year old actor hails from Canada where he began acting in commercials at the age of 5.  Some of you might recognize his face from appearances on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Shadowhunters and the Nickelodeon show Make It Pop.

Dale on Shadowhunters

I'm not sure The Christmas Cure hooked me enough to find another viewing, but Dale certainly hooked me enough to check out what upcoming projects he might be in.

Elfish: Guillermo by Anthony Timiraos

'Christmas without elves isn't a Christmas at all.'

Elves get a bad rap, Christmas elves especially.  Thanks to To Lord of the Rings, and maybe more so, to Orlando Bloom... Woodland elves have gained back a little respect.  Christmas elves however, haven't been so lucky...

Much of the blame must be laid at the feet of their boss, or at least his PR department.  Santa sucks up most of the season's attention, and the little attention given to the elves is usually not completely complimentary.  Christmas elves are usually depicted as lazy, not to mention goofy and dim, incapable of getting anything done without constant prodding from their supervisor.

Most of know however, that the toys wouldn't make it onto the sleigh without countless hours of dedicated work from the elves who really run Santa's workshop.  They're up early, to bed late, and have very little free time except for a few days at the end of December.  They're also completely dedicated to both their work, and their boss and not prone to tooting their own horns or flu floopers.

We are Santa's elves.
We've a special job each year.
We don't like to brag.
Christmas Eve we always
Fill Santa's bag

As the lyrics to the classic Burl Ives song indicated, the elves are Santa's elves, they exist to assist, and ensure the toy are ready for delivery.  In order to do so however, they have to be more than hard workers, they have to be spry and swift, know how to multi-task, and with very little free time, know how to get their groove on quickly and efficiently.

Elves are famous for their quickies, brief boinks and bump fuzzies in the toy warehouse janitor closets and storage rooms.  They have to be fast given how often the Clause couple do their rounds, and a half eaten candy cane just doesn't satisfy, nor result in the big O ho O.

In order to get their balls jingling, and their sacks overflowing, elves must be both a little naughty and a lot of nimble. Elves have learned it's easier to get their poles heading north, with some peer support from another of Santa's little helpers.

One of Santa's busiest, and most agile young elves is the gorgeous Guillermo, one of the most popular elves in Santa's village.  Guillermo is known for his enthusiasm, energy and stamina, attributes he earned through his long hours of working out, dancing and playing in the snow.

Guillermo can not only out run Santa, he is also known by his fellow elves as a master nutcracker, able to finish any job at hand before being caught by the big man in flannel.  Guillermo is not only popular with his fellow elves, he's also had to tighten his suspenders around the boss's handsy old lady and even had outrun the odd randy reindeer in heat.

But... you can easily see from these sizzling seasonal shots from photographer Anthony Timiraos why our the adorable Guillermo might be the object of affection for so many.  This particular Christmas elf just oozes sexual energy.  Anthony flew to the North Pole last winter to photograph Guillermo, quite the challenge given how Santa usually likes to be the only one to shine.

As you can see from Anthony's images, Guillermo's hottness cannot be contained, even the sub zero temperatures up North.  Anthony beautifully captured the young elves beauty and agility in some incredible poses.  I also especially love the addition of the reindeer socks!