Monday, March 2, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 3rd

Shades of Red by Dusti Cunningham
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Paul Newman: The Eighties

TCM's 31 Days of Oscar is always a tiring time for my DVR. Movies I have never seen, some never heard of get recorded and hopefully eventually watched. This year, some of my favorites were from the 70's and 80's. This weekend, I watched the 1981 and 1982 double punch (and Oscar nominated) Absence Of Malice and The Verdict both starring Paul Newman. Although Newman, and co-star Sally Field were both top notch in Absence, the movie was bit unfocused and not nearly as enjoyable, and interesting as The Verdict.

Newman would have been close to 60 during filming of The Verdict, and was still incredibly sexy and fascinating to watch. It was interesting to read Robert Redford left the project due to the characters unlikability. Redford missed that this was exactly what made the movie work. When Newman punches the equally sexy Charlotte Rampling I was both disgusted yet understanding given the story. I have to also check out more of Rampling's work, she is an intriguing actress I had only seen previously in Orca. I have yet to get the 90's or 2000's as I am still enjoying the darker scenes and classic story and character driven dramas of the TCM eighties films.

Favorite Line of Dialogue of the Week

It was great to see Downton Abbey put a little Christmas back in their Christmas special this season. It was also wonderful to see the swoon worthy Matthew Goode pop in. The moment, and line ,of the night however belonged to Mrs Hughes and Mr. Carson after he finally popped the question.

'Of course I'll marry you, you old boobie.'

And Just Because....

With all the men swirling around our Mary, I didn't initially take notice of Atticus Alderidge right away. Last weeks Downton however, insured we all took notice of Rose's new husband Atticus, and actor Matt Barber. We got a quick glimpse of post-Edwardian skin when Atticus returns to his hotel room after his stag night.

Favorite Click of the Day:

'Bonobo monkeys resolve all conflict through sex, as does our hippie commune!'
James Northon

Last month I featured the delicious star of Grantchester, James Norton in my Favorite Import series. In that post, I shared some caps that I had made from the trailer for the film Bonobo which Norton starred in last year. This week, fellow blogger Xander7 has posted caps from clips from the film. Head on over to Xander7 to see much more!

Big Top by Dusti Cunningham

One of my favorite pieces from last fall was OOKY, one of my Halloween themed posts featuring the incredible work of artist Dusti Cunningham. It is one of the true pleasures of working on FH, that every so often I come upon work that is not only original, but that is able to hit an emotional and erotic nerve not poked in the same way before. FH readers know I LOVE circus imagery, and the sites, and I'm sure sounds, under Dusti's big top are not only beautifully colorful, but raw, sexual and wonderfully dirty.

My use of dirty is deliberate, but I'm not referencing the sexual connotation, instead I mean dirty as in organic or raw. When I was featuring Dusti's work last October, it struck me how naked and exposed Dusti's models were, even though most were covered and disguised in clown make-up. Through Dusti's lens, the make-up doesn't actually act to cover anything up but instead acts to bring out traits and urges usually kept well under wraps.

So many times I see models, exposed and vulnerable, struggling to express themselves beyond the actual experience of posing naked. The make-up, costumes and situations Dusti sets up brings out such fierce energy, sexual but also commanding and self empowering, a place so many of us strive to achieve.

Circus Liquor

I especially love Dusti's Circus Liquor series show here. Many you are familiar with the iconic North Hollywood landmark, seen in many movies and television sows. I love how the models interact, the theme, the energy and colors.