Thursday, April 9, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 10th

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Happy Hunting!

When you're isolating home alone, but still want an Easter Egg Hunt...

Processione dei Misteri

'Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone but in every leaf in springtime.'
Martin Luther

Fabrizio Battaglia in Ecce Homo
Image from Statuesque

In Full Bloom

'Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.'
S.D. Gordon

I can't imagine it's a coincidence that Easter, and the resurrection, occur shortly after the start of spring.  Much of the planet is a state of organic renewal, with humans, animals and plants awaking after a long winter.  There couldn't be a better year for renewal, a restart and reboot.  If not now, hopefully come November...

'There are always flowers for those who want to see them.'
Henri Matisse

Brighter Days: Mickey by StudioMGphotography

'Everyone who sees him loves him!'

Checking out this series of images, it's clear that StudioMGphotography's Mark is right on the money.  I was immediately drawn to Mickey last summer after featuring his work with Implicit Ditto. (HERE:)   Although Mark and Mickey had been texting about about working together, they officially met when Implicit Ditto brought Mickey to Mark's house to shoot.   This series of images, from Mark's new book, were shot during the spring in the redwood forest and orchard near Mark's home in Northern California.

'Mickey was well on his way to becoming a sought-after fashion and fitness model when the heath crisis put a stop to so much. Hopefully that picks right back up once California has the all-clear to safely mingle again. In the meantime this is my first larger format (8x10) printed book dedicated to a single model... with Mickey's stature, big personality, and grand backdrops it seemed only fitting though!!'

As you can see in the image below, Mark's dog Lulu also has an eye for gorgeous male models.  Mark shares that in his home, it's not he or Mike Tossy who calls the shots, Lulu's the one who's really in charge.  You can be sure that if it's safe for Mark and Mickey to shoot again this summer, Lulu will be wanting to tag along. Two of their past shoots ended up being scheduled over Mickey's birthday, so they're both hoping to keep that tradition alive.

'Not just strikingly handsome, he’s also just a pleasure to hang out with so shoots are full of laughs and adventures. He's got an amazing attitude. He's always jumped in with both feet on any idea I put forward, whether that meant hiking to a waterfall in the rain, or jumping a fence to shoot at an abandoned bit of cool architecture, or dropping his pants when there are people not far away... He just has a great "lets do this" attitude!'

The 70 photos in Mark's new book document his adventures with Mickey spanning over 9 months.  In addition to their work in California, there are also some breathtaking images from their time shooting in Hawaii.  The architecture, of both the location, and Mickey's spectacular form are beautifully on display.  In addition to the orchard and forest shots featured here, Mark also captured Mickey lounging in a pool, celebrating Pride on the beach, hiking in a tropical forest and relaxing in bed after a hot shower.  Given they shot in California and Hawaii, there are also plenty of shots of Mickey soaking up and the sun and surf.

Print options include both soft or hard cover large format editions, printed on deluxe heavy stock lustre paper; 72 pages, 70 color photos, explicit content and full nudity. The book is also available as a high-quality eBook you can download instantly and enjoy right away.  Check out more on Mark's site HERE: or head right on over to Blurb (HERE:) and preview more images and order your copy ow!

'Here in California the little yellow flowers (oxalis) are wild and bloom like crazy this time of year (the they only seem to open on bright days). They are beautiful, but can be pretty invasive weeds though...'