Monday, September 5, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 6th

Colby by Von Melzer
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Happy Birthday today September 6th

I didn't want to knock Max Emerson (above) off the front page and photographer Michael McCloud's birthday today gave me a reason to delay it by a day. The shot of Max above (and the one below not of Max) are from Michael's Mickey Mouse Club series. I have featured Michael's work both as a photographer and a model before on FH. Happy Birthday Michael who turns 22 today. Check out more of Michael's work on his site HERE: and check out more of today's birthday's HERE:

Just Because:

I have been away most of the weekend and was looking forward to sleeping in this morning. Best laid plans...5:30a.m my dog could no longer handle the raccoon hanging out in the back yard and insisted I get up to let him out. Of course as soon as the door was opening, the raccoon took off but the damage was done, I was awake. On the plus side, Peter Alexander was filling in on The Today Show (how did I miss his appeal during the Olympics...) so putting on the coffee and staying up was not that difficult. I like you Matt Lauer but when are you retiring?

tMf Now Online!!!

I have been promoting the second issue of Dylan Rosser's tMf Magazine for the past week. As features editor for the magazine I am excited for everyone to see the final results. Dylan brings together some of the best photographers, models and artists sharing stories with pages and pages of incredible images.

I enjoyed interviewing porn star Wilfried Knight who shares stories of the business and his life off the set. Thomas Synnamon shares a collection of black & White prints and tells tMf if he can make an unattractive man hot. Photographers David Arnot and Marcus Mok both share images from their new books, as well as some bonus shots only for tMf readers.

Model Isaiah Rojas, artist Ricardo Muniz, and photographers Howard Roffman, the wonderful Ev Dylan and Giovanni complete this bumper issue of over 100 pages... and no advertising.

Cover model Vince Azzopardi steps in front of Dylan’s lens for a brand new full frontal shoot. I also had the opportunity to interview Vince who is launching his own exciting new site in the near future. I encourage you all to join Vince on Facebook to get all the latest developments.

Be sure to check out tMf online now and let me know what you thing!

Tuned In: Colby by Von Melzer

'Voyeurism (from the French voyeur, "one who looks").The voyeur may observe the subject from a distance, using sometimes some kind of devices and strategies.'

Last Monday I profiled Washington based photographer Von Melzer and his fetish themed shoot featuring Denis Thyrsu. This week, the theme is voyeurism and the subject, Colby Keller. Although Colby is no stranger to having all eyes on him, Von Melzer's magic is capturing small moments not meant to be seen.

Check out Von Melzer's site for more 'not meant to be seen' moments.