Monday, February 7, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 8th

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Happy Birthday today February 8th

Happy 48th to actor Joshua Morrow!

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Morrow & Eddie Cibrian


Seasonal Sightings

Ice, ice baby...

Normally I don' t mind a little shoveling but the ice storm this past weekend made shoveling almost impossible.  I broke two shovels and a car scraper trying to clean by driveway and car.  The snow could not be shoveled, it was far too hard and heavy.  Chipping away slowly, inch by inch, was all that worked.  As much as I love my 'seasonal sightings', I am looking forward to the end of this particular sseason...

Russian Gold

Aleksandr Galliamov

I know I'm not the only one who lacks enthusiasm for this year's Olympics.  Most years,  really look forward to them and get excited for the opening ceremonies.   Maybe it's the pandemic, maybe it's the venue and country or maybe it's just me...

I did however, watch for a few hours last night, catching skiing and the finals of the figure skating team event.  When it came to figure skating, I was especially drawn the Russians.  Some of you might have caught the fall near the end of the routine of pair skaters Aleksandr Galliamov and Anastasia Mishina.  It was a scary moment, reminding viewers the dangers of the sport, especially the pairs event.  Thankfully both were unharmed and went on to win the event and the gold.

Galliamov & Anastasia Mishina

Nikita Katsalapov

Although I like the pairs event, I usually skip ice dancing.  Although I respect athletes and their skill and talent, I'm just not as drawn to the event.  Russian ice dancer Nikita Katsalapov however, had me paying attention to he and partner Victoria Sinitsina.

Katsalapov & Victoria Sinitsina

ENCouraged: Tan by Haruehun Airry

'I’ve always looked for courage in a model. Beautiful men are plenty, but those who come with confidence are rare.'

FH kicked off February by celebrating the work of artist Haruehun Airry. In that piece, (The Divine) I featured a selection of some of Haruehun's favorite images and models. Today, the focus is on just one model, the captivating Tan.   As soon as I saw this series of image it was Tan's beautiful face and eyes that immediately drew my focus.  Tan's eyes are powerfully seductive, especially when staring through Haruehun's lens directly at the viewer.

Tan also has an incredible physique and  I love how Haruehun captured the light cascading down his beautiful skin. As hot he is, Tan actually wasn't initially sure that he wanted to continue doing photo shoots as he didn't feel he was as fit as he'd been in the past.  We're so often the hardest on ourselves and sometimes it takes someone else to help us see past the barriers we often put up. 

Tan's girlfriend certainly knew how hot her boyfriend was and encouraged him to connect with Haruehun to create new images. Haruehun's goal is to always focus on the beauty and positive outlooks in life. This led to some quality conversations between Haruehun  and Tan during the shooting the process.  

Fast Four With Haruehun Airry

What do you look for in a model? 
Of course being physically fit is vital for my genre of photography, but on top of that I’ve always looked for courage in a model. Beautiful men are plenty, but those who come with confidence are rare. I believe that we are here to empower and inspire the viewers. So, mentality is as important as physical features.

Are there any specific physical traits you especially like to shoot?
Being physically fit. These days people talk about embracing body diversity, which I am not against by the way. However, being fit is a different thing. It comes from hard work. These people should somehow be rewarded and celebrated

One thing a model should not do while shooting with you?
Not respecting other people’s time? Well, weird events happened during some shoots, but I don’t really remember most of them because I don’t focus on negativity. There was this guy, though, as far as I remember. We asked him to shave his beard, and then he spent time in the restroom forever until the team got annoyed. Then we found that he was doing a livestream there despite knowing that everyone was waiting at the set.

What is the strangest thing a model has requested? 
I believe that nothing in the world is strange; it is only us who lack adequate experience. Well, the strangest thing I remember was when the model asked me to sexually play with him. He said that the fact that I didn’t “harass” or touch him at all made him feel uncomfortable and lose confidence. The shoot went really awkward. He even wondered if I didn’t like him personally because I didn’t take any actions when the chance was given. He said, when he went to other shoots, it was common that he at least got touched by the photographer. Sometimes they gave him orals and he felt proud that he was irresistibly hot. Well, I was a bit shocked to hear but I don’t judge, as long as the actions are consensual.