Sunday, December 3, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

Dex by Studio1x
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Seasonal Sightings:

Matt Shively: Posterior Presents

Although he's been acting professionally since he was just a kid, I first discovered actor Matt Shively on the short-loved ABC sit-com The Real O'Neals.  I loved the show, and all of the cast, including Martha Plimpton and Jay R. Ferguson, and was sad when it was cancelled after just one season.

I've been following Shively's career since.  Even when he's playing annoying characters, as he did on American Housewife, Shively's energy and engaging personality, usually win me over.  I didn't know until recently that Shively is also a regular on Lopez Vs Lopez, but I might now, have to check it out.

If you follow Shively on Instagram, you know he often shares glute inspired gifts on his page.  Most of them are in his stories, so they come and go quickly.  Thankfully many have been saved by his fans, and I believe these images are all, or at least most, of Shively's derrière donations to his many fans and admirers.   Matt's ass is the gift that keeps on giving and hoping his generosity continues into 2024.

Matt Shively on Instagram

Stocking Stuffers: Site-Seeing

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UnSweatered: Dex by Studio1x

' I always enjoy working with guys that are comfortable with their sexuality and being nude.'

So if you're here, and especially if you're reading this, and not just quickly scrolling through the images, you clicked the 'next page' link. You also must have enjoyed Dex in his sweater enough to want to see him unsweatered. I know I certainly did!  So... no more of my ramblings, just enjoy a naked Dex and the rest of the behind the scenes story directly from Jim from Studio1x.

How did you and Dex connect? 
I had responded to Dex request to update his portfolio, we are both in a model\photog group. 

What first struck you about his appearance? 
I loved Dex's look, he is a tall muscular guy and very fit. 

What was he like to work with? 
Dex was very comfortable in front of the camera as he has modeled in the past and was familiar with the process which always is good so we can get to capturing great photos. 

Was getting nude any issue at all for him? 
Dex is very comfortable with his body and had no issues getting undressed and being photographed nude and erotic. He did bring his girlfriend to the shoot so I was a bit conservative at first till I was comfortable giving the directions and such. I wanted to make sure she was comfortable even though she was only watching. By the end of the shoot, she was also ready to have her photos taken as well. 

What was your favorite part of working with Dex? 
I always enjoy working with guys that are comfortable with their sexuality and being nude. We can then do keep shooting and capturing beautiful images. Dex had a great sense of humor, fantastic body. 

Was the shoot for himself, a partner or an Onlyfans? 
This shoot was for his portfolio. Then we did couple photos of him and his GF. We did follow this shoot up with another shoot that he used for his Only Fans that showed his submissive fetish side of him.  

What was your favorite thing about Dex you enjoyed during the shoot? 
As always, I enjoy meeting and working with other artist, they turn into friendships. I loved that what started out as portfolio build turned into captured beautiful nudes, couple shoot, follow up shoots for erotic fetish and also ad photos for underwear. He is a beautiful guy and we got along great. I always love seeing them open up and expose their vulnerable side.