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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 31st

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Happy Birthday today January 31st

Happy 27th to Canadian hockey player Tyler Seguin!
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Classic Playgirl: January 1995

I love bangs on men, and I loved first seeing André Herbert gracing the pages of PLAYGIRL.

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A Return to Roswell

I wrote the original post below a few years ago after catching actor Nathan Parsons on an episode of True Blood.  When I caught the pilot for the re-boot of Roswell last week, I knew I recognized the beautiful face of the actor taking on the role of Max Evan.  Jason Behr played Max in the 1999 series, and at the time, the cast and the premise had me interested in checking it out.  I only lasted about six episodes before losing interest in the premise.

Three episodes in and so far, there is a lot to like about the new version.  The cast is strong and it's great to see the male couple (Michael Vlamis and Tyler Blackburn)) getting equal time with their love scenes.  It seems so often on the CW, the gay characters start off strong, then are quickly ushered further into the background. 

From 2015:
As always, I am late to the party. I was a big fan of True Blood in it's first three seasons, but my watching has been hit and miss the last few years. Because of the time I put in though, I decided to try to finish the show with HBO on Demand which allows viewers to catch every season of most of their shows. I decided to begin with the end so have been making my way through season 7, the show's last.

3 images above from Jim Warren

Maybe it is because I know the show is over, but I have been enjoying it much more than I thought, especially with one of season 7's hottest highlights, the incredibly sexy Nathan Parsons. The character of James was first introduced in the form of actor Luke Grimes, but Grimes seemed to get cold feet with the characters direction so enter the talented Parsons.

True Blood

James is intrigued with Lafayette, and although they begin as friends, and blood brothers, the relationship soon takes a turn for the carnal. With most of the cast either annoying me, or already killed off, it was nice to have a character, and an actor to follow. I have never been a huge fan of Lafayette, but finally, through James' eyes, I can get the appeal. Most of characters on True Blood are a bit extreme, but Parsons keeps James planted a bit closer to the ground.

General Hospital

Nathan Parsons has a great presence on screen, amazing face and hair and such incredible eyes. Parsons also has the one of the best toros on television, which is why most of the shows he appears on seem to take full advantage of. Although James and Lafayette have a few steamy scenes, True Blood surprisingly enough, kept Parsons clothes on.


The Originals

The Brotherhood V: Alumni (2009)

Like many young actors, new to the business, A David Decoteau movie is almost a right of passage. For Parson's it was 2009's The Brotherhood V Alumni. Decoteau keeps boxer brief makers in business and Parsons fill his grey ones out rather nicely.

A Polar Push-Back: Juan by Mount Photography

'The Light of Winter is the Poetry of Patience.'

With the Polar Vortex taking hold in much of the US and Canada, I thought it was time for a little push-back.  FH began the month, and the year, by virtually traveling to Spain and featuring Mark Montovio's (Mount Photography) images of Kike. (An Estepona Escape)  With the dangerously frigid temperatures outside, I thought a return to Spain, and more of Mark's work, was the perfect way to turn up the heat and bookend the bleakest month of the year.

Although our earlier visit to Estepona featured Mark's work outside on the beach, the temperature is still on the rise inside a Barcelona hotel room with Mark's images with Juan.  In addition to  his sizzling body, Juan has such a beautiful, welcoming face.  Juan exudes a powerful sensuality and his dark sexy eyes, and those come-hither looks, have me wanting to check out flight prices to Spain.

Juan is originally from Brazil, but is currently living and working in Madrid.  Mark first met Juan in Southern Spain and they exchanged numbers and talked of possibly working together down the road.  While traveling to Barcelona last year, Mark ran into Juan by chance, and arranged a shoot.

'The shoot again was unplanned, took place in a hotel room, and was over in an hour.  I found Juan to have an incredibly striking face and a natural given he had never done a shoot this before/ It was a pleasure shooting and also a pleasure receiving Juan's feedback.'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 30th

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Happy Birthday today January 30th

Happy 45th to actor Christian Bale!

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Somewhere Out There

I think it was watching An American Tail as a kid and the song 'Somewhere Out There'  that first introduced me to the incredible voice of singer James Ingram.  Growing up, I used to record on VHS, every time James was singing on TV or Awards show.  Through the 90's James often popped up singing Oscar nominated songs on the Academy Awards. 

That old VHS tape is sadly long gone, but yesterday I enjoyed looking, and listening back, via Youtube. Although you can see the original version of the song on Youtube with Linda Ronstadt, the video above with Natalie Cole, although in poor quality, was one of the performances I remember watching over and over. R.I.P James.

Hiram Munoz: Sensual Selfies

'I was always interested in photography, and modeling was a way to start learning about how to take better pictures. I actually like being behind the camera more than being in front of it.'

Earlier this month, I profiled model and photographer Hiram Munoz. (HERE:) When I was choosing images for the piece, I was especially struck by some of Hiram's self portraits. Hiram suggested I check out some of the self portraits he had submitted previously, to Brenton Parry's site Aussielicous. Some of the images were self portraits, I loved the sensuality and depth of emotion Hiram captured in so many of his shots.

I chose some favorites, but unfortunately Hiram no longer had large copies of some of my favorites.  When I contacted Brenton recently about featuring Kyle (previous page) I asked whether he happened to save any of the shots Hiram had submitted. Brenton checked his archives and had indeed saved some of the larger shots and generously sent them on.  Thanks Brenton and thanks again to Hiram for sharing your work with FH!

Earth Angel: Classic Playgirl, January 1995

'André Herbert is grounded in more ways than one...'

Earth Angel
Playgirl Discovery
January, 1995
Photography by Tina Savage

The nineties were the main years I bought PLAYGIRL, and I remember distinctly the January 1995 issues with  André Herbert, (pronounced on-DRE, er-bare) the hot blonde who was bangin, in more ways than one. In addition to those blonde bangs, André's tan lines drove me wild!   André went on to appear in future issues, adding the é to his e in his first name and for some reason dropping one of the r's (it became Hebert) in his last.

''When you think of André Herbert, think dirty, but the kind that results from working in rich, fertile soil to grow beautiful plants and flowers. "Ever since I was a child, I've enjoying planing," says the 28 year old blonde. "It's my way of helping to preserve the Earth."