Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 6th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Lilium Longiflorum

When it comes to flowers for EASTER, it's all about the Lily. The white lily symbolizes purity, rebirth, new beginnings and hope. Yellow lilies symbolize thankfulness, joy and friendship. For those who've followed my holiday posts from Lights On Studio, you know that photographer Tom Nakielski loves to include colorful bouquets of flowers into his holiday shoots. 

Now, I'm not really sure how 'pure' the sexy Zilo might be, but he certainly provides an amble amount of joy.  The last time we saw Zilo on FH, he was all skin and bones on Halloween. (HERE:)  He followed that up by flashing his nuts and gourds for a piece on Thanksgiving. (HERE:)  I'm was so glad when Tom shared that he was bringing  Zilo back for his Easter themed shoot.

These shots of Zio are just a teaser for a more extensive series of Easter shots coming up later in the weekend.  As hot as Zilo's goodie basked wrapped in yellow, the thong eventually does come off.  The question however was whether it was it slipped off and pulled down by Zilo, or if was bitten and ripped off by a mischievous, but maniacal mammal...   Read, (and see) more about Zilo's harrowing experience in Tom's studio later this weekend! 

Both Sides of the Bunny: Bart by Jan Deuzeman

Rough & Ready

'Down the Rabbit Hole...'

When it comes to Easter bunnies, the biggest question is which you prefer, solid or hollow?  When I was a kid, it was all about the hard and about the solid.  Solid bunnies obviously have more chocolate, and when you're a kid, more is always better.  The fact that the quality of chocolate int he solid bunnies was usually of lesser quality, or that with a solid bunny, we usually overindulged,  leaving us feeling more sick, than satisfied. 

As we get older though, we usually evolve to prefer quality over quantity.  We learn those smaller, softer, hollow bunnies usually taste better, and are more than enough to satisfy our craving.  Sure, you can suck on those ears for nearly as long as they soft more quickly, but the taste is so much more scrumptiously sweet as we swallow.   Even researches agree, adults prefer soft over hard.

'Hollow bunnies are far more preferred by consumers than solid, simply because they're easier to eat!  Some people like to break them apart, others simply chomp down and bite the bunny itself. '

Whether it be an actually furry little bunny, a chocolate Easter bunny, or an incredibly hot hunk, it all comes down to preference.  Do you like it cuddly and soft, or do you prefer it hard and ruff. It was these two contrasts that photographer Jan Deuzeman wanted to explore in his most recent shoot with Bart Heemstede. (Mature Leatherman) 

Anyone who's spent anytime around rabbits, know they're all not cuddly and sweet.  Sure, they looked adorable on Easter cards, but many little bunnies have rough and aggressive side as well.  There is a reason for the phrase, 'fuck like rabbits'.  Bunnies have a lot of energy, and fornicate and multiply a lot!  Bunnies seem to sense they have a rather short life-span, meaning they need to get produce as quickly, and as often, as possible. 

The lucky, (or unlucky) rabbit can ejaculate up to 6 times in a 30 minute period, the fist just seconds after starting.  As nice as this may sound, it can also explain the frustration the randy rabbit's must feel and the frustration and aggression, that is bound to build up.

Soft & Sexy

When it comes to bunnies, real or chocolate, and when it comes to men, I usually lean towards the soft and sexy.  That doesn't mean I don't still appreciate and yearn for a little roughness, but not on a consistent basis.  It's too bad chocolate companies haven't created a hybrid bunny, mixing the hard the soft.  I certainly could go for a bunny with a soft, hollow body, with a rock solid head and ears.  It's always those long appendages we really love to grab first and suck on first way. 

The Holland based photographer and model have incorporate different themes into their shoots each time they've worked together over the last year.  In addition to Easter, they've included other holidays including; Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.  Some of those shoots and images, I've previously featured on the site. (HERE:) Given Jan's focus on the male physique, and given Bart's love of leather, their holiday shoots focus on the erotic and adult sides of the holidays they capture. 

When Jan was shooting for Halloween, he went all out researching, creating, and working with make-up to create the scary scull face for Bart.  At Christmas, Jan surrounded Bart's leather clad Santa with a magical Christmas candy land.  For Easter, in addition to Bart's leather ears, Jan created the large, solid, golden egg himself, specifically for the shoot.

'Jan always has great, special ideas. a photo shoot with a theme inspires me and makes us both creative. the result is beautiful. it’s sexy and the clothing shows that it turns me on, Un Jan's studio there are many possibilities to give the photos an extra dimension. I often have a tendency to quickly take off my clothes. being naked in front of the camera makes me feel good. I had deliberately left my chest hair out because many men asked for it. In short, a very successful shoot. I’m curious about our next theme for a shoot;;;;'

Bart Heemstede on Instagram


'Farming is a profession of hope.'
Brian Brett

Unlike Christmas, which is always on December 25th, Easter's date is connected directly to the spring equinox.  Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox.  According to the Bible, Jesus Christ's death and resurrection took place during the Jewish Passover, which typically falls in March or April. Commonly recognized as the festival of freedom, this year's Passover begins at sundown on April 5 and ends on the evening of April 13.

Nothing symbolizes the themes of birth, death and resurrection quite like a farm.  Every spring, seeds are planted with hope.  Tree's and flowers bloom, fields are prepped and planted, and baby animals are born. There are a reason rabbits and baby chicks have become such iconic Easter symbols.  It's also an ironic connection so many sit down for Easter dinner to feast on dead pigs, dead chickens and turkey's. 

The reality of life and death is part of life on a farm, and although plants and animals are not literally resurrected, the hope certainly is.  This means, that no matter how the crops did, and, no matter how difficult  the other three seasons might have been, you must carry on  In order to continue, farmers must muster up that hope again, each and every spring. 

These are some of my favorite spring and farm images courtesy of Jungbauernkalender