Thursday, August 4, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 5th

Rod by Roy Mayh
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Happy Birthday today August 5th

Happy 54th to actor James Wilder!

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If you watched much television in the 1990's, you're most likely familiar with the face, the lips and the body of actor James Wilder.  Wilder appeared as a regular on shows such as Equal Justice, Melrose Place, Models Inc and Veronica's Closet.  

Flypaper (1999)

Seasonal Sightings:

Peter Porte: Overdue

I've had a file in my FH folder named Peter Porte for over a decade.  I first began to crush over the actor and former model after his far to short stint as Ricky Williams on The Young and the Restless.  Sadly, and stupidly, the show didn't realize they talent they had on their hands, and killed off poor Ricky, by a shot from his father, after only a year. 

I've followed Peter's career, but somehow missed most of his television appearances.  I caught him on guest stints on Parks and Recreation and Mom, but was never a regular watcher of Baby Daddy, Living With Models or the other shows he appeared on a semi-regular. 

I planned on doing a 12 Days post after reading about his gay themed Christmas movie, but some how managed to miss it.  I also tried to watch Peter in last year's Beyond Salem, but couldn't really get beyond enjoying Peter's shirtless scene. The cable Day of our Lives sudser was a little over-the-top for me, something I should have known given it also featured Lisa Rinna.

I'm also struggling a bit with Peter's guest shot on the new Netflix show Uncoupled.  I want to watch, I'll try to watch, but I have to push  myself given how much Neil Patrick Harris bugs me.   Harris is a celebrity I wish I enjoyed, but let's just leave it at.... I don't.  

I did however, find out that Peter only appears in episodes 5 and did turn on Netflix and skipped to catch Peter's sex scene with Harris.  As I said I've been following Peter for awhile and I believe this scene is his first official nude scene.  Hopefully he'll do more, we always knew he had an incredible chest and stomach, but his beautiful beefy butt is equally as appealing.

Uncoupled (2022)

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Roy Mayh: The Mod, His Bod, & A Very Hot Rod

When it comes to the male form within art, regardless of an artist's focus, the penis must be addressed. Is it revealed or concealed or part of a visual game of hide and peek?  In my experience, lovers of the male form are perfectly fine with not always seeing the full Monty, but they don't really liked to be teased.  Some photographers treat the penis the same way Lucy treats that football and as well all know,  that doesn't end well for Charlie Brown.

With most of my favorite photographers, the penis, although important, is but one part of the form in focus.  This is exactly how I felt when I first discovered the work of artist Roy Mayh.  When I first saw Roy's work on Twitter, I was struck by both the men he chose to shoot, and the compelling approach he took with each model and with each induvial shot. I slowly began to scroll down Roy's feed, stopping, enlarging, and enjoying each image. While the artistry remained consistent, it was clear that Roy approached each model, and each shoot, with the goal of bringing out something visually unique with every one of the men in front of his camera. 

'I always admired the visual presentation of the male physique in Greek/Roman sculptures and that naturally led to live figure drawing and then photography. My philosophy is to create an image that stands above the everyday 'hustle and bustle' of our hurried lives since we all carry more beauty than is noticeable in every day. '

When it came to his work with Rod, there was no need to conceal a thing.  The only thing covering Rod's rod was the room's natural light and the stunning shadows created by the structure of the window.  There was so much penis in fact, that Roy worried the session might be too 'dick heavy' for a FH feature.  As you clearly see, that wasn't an issue for me, I loved Roy's series with Rod, and especially liked how that window light glistened over Rod's skin and cascaded over every inch, and every part, of his beautiful body.

Rod wasn't the least bit shy about having his penis front and center in every images.  As a straight porn star, his penis is the main attraction.  Rod knows his audience, and his body, and has no problem cutting to the chase stripping down and getting hard as soon as a photo session begins.  Rod's shoot with Roy was actually scheduled between his video work and rod had to be at the ready for the entire day.

Because he was between video shoots, Roy only had 30 minutes to shoot and create.  Rod had already done a full video shoot in the morning, and had another schedule for after his shoot with Roy.  Roy was actually  a little worried that Rod might get little to tired after such a hard day of work, but Rod was extremely confident and assured Roy that he could keep things solid and camera ready as long as he was required to.

'No worries, that's why I work in porn.  Everyone I work with today will get the full Rod.'

Rod shared that his ability to sustain and maintain is one of the reasons he got into the porn business.  Rod actually holds down a full-time day job, but thought given his sex drive, that porn would be a great second job and an great way to make some additional income.  Rod is a professional and treats both of his careers with respect and care.  There is one main difference however, one which actually brings balance to Rod's busy life.  While his day job often brings the build up of stress and pressure, his second job is a perfect form of release, and a great way to blow off steam.