Friday, November 17, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 18th

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Seasonal Sightings:

🍁 Man Among the Maples🍁

Anyone But You

'After an amazing first date, Bea and Ben's fiery attraction turns ice cold - until they find themselves unexpectedly reunited at a destination wedding in Australia. So they do what any two mature adults would do: pretend to be a couple.'

It was just earlier this week, that I posted the shot of Glen Powell's delicious derriere from his Men's Health shoot.  In the piece, I said that I had thought, our first viewing of Powell's butt would be in a movie.  Turns out, timing is everything. 

By now, most of you have seen the trailer for Powell's new film, Anyone But You, but if you haven't, it gives us a nice piece of a scene where Powell strips down in the film.  It actually pretty much shows the entire scene!

Guys Naked Together!

'I have a thing for being naked with other naked men - not CMNM, always NMNM, and as such what I find hottest is seeing that aesthetic and motif in photos and videos'

If you check out FH on a regular bases, I'm guessing you love naked men.  Some of you may remember that FH began as a Yahoo group, and a place to save my favorite images of hot men.  Most of the shot were of men alone, my favorite images of my models, men from Playgirl, and images from my favorite artists and photographers.

Soon after, I began to get interested in visuals with men together.  I think in part, it began with advertising and all the hot models posing together in promotional shots for various campaigns, and of course all those Bruce Weber shots for Abercrombie and Fitch.  Over the years, my interest in images featuring multiple men began to grow.

I loved all the variations and themes, CFNM, CMNM and of course nude men with other nude men.  Some of my favorite posts have included images with more than one naked man.  I loved exploring the days when men wore nothing at public swimming pools, and both retro and current shots of showering men, streakers and all those naked ruggers and athlete's posing for charity calendars.  

A highlight each year, was featuring the work of Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and StudioMGPhotography, and their shoots at Lake Powell.  (HERE:) The three artists always feature at least two models, but often three or four hot models creating and posing together.  Although the Lake Powell levels are low, I hope one day, there might be another to feature and enjoy.

This past year, several of my themed posts, most notably 'seasonal sightings' were filled with mooning men and multiple models posing together.  When I researching the theme, I came upon Guys Naked Together on Twitter.  The page is not just a random collection of images, but a well planned and deliberate presentation of visuals of naked men together.  The images and videos cover both retro and current visuals, movie nude scenes, men showering together, playing together and just hanging out together, totally naked.

I really love that for the most part, the images are not sexual in nature.  They are certainly sexy, and visually erotic, but they're not really about sex.  For me, they're more about sexual freedom, male bonding, and being naked around others without fear, without shame, and without judgement.  These are all themes  that I've tried to explore on the site, and they're especially highlighted when men are naked together. 

The person behind the Guys Naked Together Twitter page has also created a site on the social media site FansMine, (HERE:) focused on Vintage Locker Room Scenes, and images and videos of Guys Naked Together. He not only welcomed me to share some of my favorite images, but also shared his thoughts on why he is so passionate about the theme. 

'What's even hotter for me is when men naked together - especially in the 21st century - also all have full bush. I have a thing for completely untouched pubic hair, I think that's what sets my content apart. I spent years curating content that fits these criteria, so now I'm sharing it with others who are into a lot of the same things but might not have big collections of their own. 

Vintage Playgirl photos in general get a lot of engagement. I'm 99% certain my most popular post was the 1974 Playgirl photos of San Diego rugby team naked in the showers. I also discovered early on that vintage (60s-70s) naked buddies - especially if they're a set with the same models - get massive engagement, as do unusual or even bizarre photos or videos.'

'I really want my followers to look forward to seeing whatever I post in a given day. I pay close attention to my notifications and I'm always seeing new followers who've clearly gone through my feed because they've liked posts from weeks and months ago. So a lot of people (I'd say guys but who knows), when they find me, like what they see and want more of it.  I've gotten a lot of great feedback. I've got some megafans who just ravenously devour everything I serve up. I hope they get that I'm trying to do something here, something niche and offbeat.'

in Rare Form: Spencer by Lights On Studio

Form:  The visible shape, structure or configuration of something.

There's a reason the term' the male form' is used in photography of the male body.  For me, focusing your camera lens on just specific body parts, usually the penis or butt, is among many things, pretty damned boring.  I see photos, mostly close-ups of a model's penis and I just keep scrolling by.  Don't get me wrong, I love me a nice penis, duh, but it holds little interest for me, unless I see the body and face of the man it belongs to.

I know not everyone see's it as I do, but it's the lines and curves of the male body and the model's face that I respond to and for me, makes it an art form. Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) is a chronicler of the male form.  So much so, that in many cases, he forgets to even include certain body parts, the ones, so many of us want included...  Tom often gets so carried away shooting his models in their entirety, he forgets to ask them to take off their clothes.  Tom's frequently sent me shoots, of models willing and open to posing fully nude, with images with barely a penis in site.  

If I've asked Tom one thing more than any other, it's to remember to get a butt shot.  Tom is focused on lines, on curves, on structure and configuration, on lighting, on color on backgrounds and props.  The visual in it's entirety.  Shooting close-ups of a model's penis would be much cheaper, and much less work, but the results... well as I think you all know, wouldn't really interest me that much.

It's probably a good thing that Spencer, the model Tom first connected with on Model Mayhem. didn't shoot nudes.  This meant, that Tom could focus on his lighting, his locations, and his set-ups.  It also fit well with Tom's skills and creativity, as things like both bicycle and truck tires could be so beautifully incorporated within the visuals. 

'Usually I do two setups with a model but I wanted to make sure I got some good images with my first MM session. Plus Spencer is so good looking and in such good shape I couldn't control myself. I started out in the studio and did several setups. '

'When finished, I wanted to do some more pictures in the warehouse. Before going he asked if I would do some pics of him doing a handstand. I of course gave a hardy YES! Often, during a session a model will suggest something that I never thought of or didn't know they could do resulting in some unique interesting images. We roamed through the inside and outside the warehouse doing some more shots. Then we went to a friends house that is on the Grand River to finish up. '

'I wanted Spencer to do some shots standing in the river but he said it looked too dirty. I was a bit disappointed but he was correct. At the time, he was a student at MSU. I believe he is now working as a corporate executive. For me, it was a good start with a MM model. '