Saturday, August 16, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 17th

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Happy Birthday today August 17th

Happy 23rd to actor Austin Butler

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A Vintage Vantage...

Unusual Underthings

The Boys of Bridgend by Russell Hughes

As August flies by, the smell of fall is already faintly in the air, especially in the early morning. Autumn means a change of color, falling leaves, Thanksgiving and Halloween. And although the temperatures may be cooling off, the calendar season is heating up with the onlaught of naked hunky men waiting to spend the next 12 months with you.

One of the newest entries into the Calendar cartel is The Boys of Bridgend from photographer Russell Hughes. The South Wales photographer recently put together 12 naked guys to raise money for the Everyman appeal to help fight testicular and prostate cancer.

The models that Russell chose to shoot, fit perfectly with the both the theme, and the Everyman charity. The men are not professional models, but tradesmen, builders and citizens Russell found searching Bridgend County, South Wales. I especially love that Russell shot them outside, showing off the beautiful country locations which make perfect surroundings for those Boys of Bridgend.

The goal is to raise £10,000 for the charity through sales and the calendars are ready for shipping worldwide! Copies can be purchased either through the facebook page HERE: or by going direct to our on-line store HERE:

Out Back: Michael Fitt by MiamiPhotoGuy

It is hard to believe that in the last seven years of working on FH, I have never featured fitness model Michael Fitt. I did use one image of Michael, back in 2009 as a pic of the day when I first featured the work of Mark Chin-Sang, the artist behind MiamiPhotoGuy.

Michael is one of the most recognizable faces on the net and has been supporting others with their fitness goals for the last several years. I love this series from Mark and love the feel that it is just Michael hanging out in the backyard and by the pool. Mark always includes a little of Miami's sun and scenery in his shoots Michael looks right at home, hanging out back in his boxer briefs, especially with the late afternoon highlighting his incredible body.

'I met mike for coffee awhile back, for someone with his gorgeous looks and ripped body one would expect a lot of attitude and cockyness, typical of models that look the way he does, he was quite the opposite if fact, so down to earth and modest, he even blushed when I told him how good looking he was, which was refreshing to experience.'

Since that first cup of coffee, Mark has shot Michael many times. Mark reports, that Michael more than lives up to his last name and has worked hard at each of their shoots. Mark reports Michael works a regular job, sometimes putting in 60 to 80 hours a week. In order to keep his body in top shape, Michael also hits the gym six days a week, and his hard work and dedication to fitness can clearly be seen!

'I can say I've been lucky to work with him because he's very selective with who he works with, it's a matter of building trust which we have built over the years. He's driven and is going places and I wish him nothing but the BEST!'