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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 10th

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Happy Birthday today May 10th

Happy 65th to Bruce Penhall!

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Prime Time Supporters: Eddie Kaye Thomas

I've written before about my bouts of insomnia and how it spurs me to find 'so so' sitcoms to fall asleep to.   I don't want something that actually holds my attention, I want something pleasant that makes it easy to watch and fall asleep to.  The other night while scrolling the dials I cam across a repeat of the sitcom 'Til Death. (2006-2010) 

I think I'd heard of the show, but hadn't ever actually seen an episode.  I started to watch mainly because I was a huge fan of Brad Garrett and Everybody Loves Raymond.  This was no Raymond...  Most sitcoms are formulaic, but 'Til Death take it to another level of predictability.  I've enjoyed Garrett and Joely Fisher in many projects, but this was not their best work.

'Til Death

I did however find myself crushing over actor Eddie Kaye Thomas who plays the next door neighbour.  I knew the cute face, but needed to Google and check out Thomas' IMDP page to remind me of his role in the American Pie series.  

When I first watched American Pie, my focus was on Thomas Ian Nichols who I thought was really hot. I also loved me a little Seann William Scott.  With such a large and talented cast, some actors didn't get the attention they deserved but Thomas as Finch was a stand out.

Scott, Jason Biggs, Nichols and Thomas

With a little searching, I found 'Til Death on-line and have watched seven episodes from the shows first season.  Now, I'm not necessarily recommending it, but if you need a sitcom to help you fall asleep, and a cute face to ensure sweet dreams, give it a shot.

With John Cho in Off Center (2001)

With Chris Pine in Blind Dating (2006)

American Pie 2 (2001)

American Wedding (2003)

Scorpion (2014)

Clothing Optional: Tazz Carter by Greg Lindeblom

'The entire experience of working with Greg was amazing.  I got to be naked, got photographed for the first time, got to do some of my own poses, and I got paid! All around dopeness! 

Whenever I feature the work of artist Greg Lindeblom, I'm always struck with how beautifully his images embody and celebrate the work of some of the classic photographers of the male physique. Because of the risks of shooting the naked male body, most shot in studios, without elaborate themes or props and minimal visual distractions.  The focus was on form, with lighting, pose and the skills of the artist and model being fundamental in the creative process.

With pose so central to his process, it's no surprise that Greg was interested in working the yoga and body movement enthusiast Tazz Carter.   In addition to building strength, yoga is all about creating an awareness and harmony with both the mind and the body.  Some of the best models have developed a passionate nexus between mind and body and it shows in how they move, how they pose and the confidence they express. 

Greg Lindeblom was first introduced to Tazz by his friend, fellow artist Greg Tsontakis-Mally.  The two Gregs like to work with the same models so they can see the different perspectives the capture with their respective art forms.  I've been fortunate to feature several models and shoots that both Gregs have worked with. (The Two Gregs)  Although Tazz had never been photographed nude before, he had modeled nude before, including with Greg T-M for a series of watercolors last fall.

'I co-hosted two Nude Art Nights with Ronnie Larsen at the Foundry Theatre in Wilton Manors. Those nights included interviews with two artists and two models who posed nude for the audience to draw. Greg T-M had invited Tazz to participate. Tazz was the first of the models that evening. I saw immediately that he was a handsome man and that he posed really well. The reason became obvious when I learned that he in a yoga instructor.'

'Tazz was such a natural that I knew he had to be one of our "joint models" for our show next January. It was that night that I first asked Tazz if he would be interested in shooting with me. He agreed on the spot.'

Although it was Tazz's first ever photo shoot, Greg describes him as a natural.  Greg knew from the art show that Tazz wasn't the least bit inhibited posing nude for a group, and shares that he brought that same confidence to their work together. Tazz had always wanted to capture his yoga poses, so in addition to the standard art nudes and classical poses that Greg usually shoots, they also did the series of nude yoga poses featured here.

Tazz says that he's always been a 'clothing optional' type of guy so modeling nude wasn't really an issue.  It all began awhile ago when Tazz was working in a framing shop.  His job often had him interacting with artists and when one asked about painting him, and if he'd have an issue posing fully nude, Tazz didn't hesitate. 

'With an artist or painting, the pose is held longer and there fewer of them, it's really chill. With a photographer and an image, there are more poses and thinking about angles and lighting. There are slight adjustments and requires a bit more energy and moving. I enjoy them both.  

I really enjoyed working with Greg, he's a really great guy.  He has great ideas that he wants to capture and it was his idea to include my passion for yoga.  He was also very open and welcoming to my ideas.  I really loved the results and can't wait to do it again to see a comparison of myself!'