Sunday, July 26, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 27th

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Happy Birthday today July 27th

Happy 32nd to actor Blair Redford!

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Blair in Satisfaction

I won't Tumblr For Ya

I received an e-mail this afternoon from a photographer whose work I feature from time to time asking about my tumblr. This is in fact the third e-mail I have gotten on the subject, so thought maybe I should clarify. I don't have a tumblr. Unfortunately, someone does have one, entitled Favorite Hunks, and it pops up on the first page of most searches. The Favorite Hunks tumblr seems mostly devoted to video performers and although I regret not having taken the name myself, the site is not mine, nor does it have any connection to this FH.

I have a love hate relationships with tumblrs. For artists, I see the advantages of having a venue to share their work that is both quick, easy and assessable. tumblr also has little to no rules so artists are able to post images some model sites don't allow. But... tumblrs are also a pain in the ass to many other photographers as the sharing of others work is quick paint by the numbers easy. It is especially discouraging when some tumblr owners crop out watermarks and don't give credit to the artists. Although I am still on the fence, there are a few tumblrs I have come to love, especially a few I love that have a specific focus. Some of the tumblrs focusing on vintage media ads and magazines have been especially interesting to spend time on. I have come to welcome work from FH (the blog) shared on most tumblrs, especially the many that link back to the blog.

John DeLuca: An Aquatic Awakening

When I headed out to see Staten Island Summer, I thought there might be a resulting post about it's lead actor Graham Phillips. I love Graham on The Good Wife and have caught some of his singing and stage performances thanks to Youtube. But although I liked SNL's Colin Jost's script, the funniest moments are given to all the characters that surround Phillips including Gina Gershon, Vincent Pastore and SNL stars Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong and most notably Michael Patrick O'Brien.

Another actor getting the limelight was the adorable John DeLuca. Graham observes at the beginning of the movie that girls, and older women, go for guys like Anthony, played for the most part shirtless, by DeLuca. DeLuca perfects the accent the stereotyped buff, but not too bright, hot Italian. Some of you might recognize the 29 year old actor from his various television and movie roles including Disney's Teen Beach movie series.

DeLuca is an appealing actor who I know we will be seeing more of, including the soon to be released Chalk It Up. You can check out an interview with John about his role in Staten Island Summer at HERE:

John in the Teen Beach movie series

John and the cast of Staten Island Summer

Bakasyon Grande (Part 2) : Nico by Mark Leighton

'Point the camera at him and something incredible happens!'

Last week, we joined photographer Mark Leighton on his working holiday to the Philippines. At the end of the first piece, featuring LJ, (HERE:) I included a few of Mark's shots of both LJ and Nico. Today, it's Nico's turn in the spotlight and like the first piece, there are a few breath taking images of the LJ and Nico together at the end.

'Nico is one of the most naturally talented models I have ever worked with. People say that a photographer has "the eye". I don't know what the term is for a model but you give Nico a theme, a prop, a bit of a wardrobe - and a tiny bit of direction - and he just takes it away and is enormously creative in what he does. In real life he is modest, unassuming, quiet and shy.'

Nico & LJ