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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 29th

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The Bottom Line

One of my favorite categories on FH is The Bottom line. My goal isn't just to find great posterior photos, but creative and unique captures of the shapeliest part of the male form. My Bottom Line folder however, runneth over, so I decided to post a larger selection of my favorites on page 2 HERE:

Sans Scrubs

I know this is a bit of a Blast from the Past, but I recently discovered the Superstation PeachtreeTV is playing repeats of ER each evening. When I was in high school and University, Thursday nights meant trying to catch ER. I loved the first few seasons, crushing simultaneously over both Sherry Stringfield and Noah Wyle. I wasn't into George Clooney or the other older male cast members at the time, however re-watching now, I get the appeal of each of the 4 male leads.

Catching an episode last week, I was reminded the show occasionally dipped it's toe into a bit of male nudity, usually a flash of male butt. I previously post on Rick Rossovich's dark butt shot (HERE:) and Erik Palladino's moon (HERE:) in the shows blooper reel. In the 1996 episode, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Carter (Noah Wyle) gives a quick butt flash while getting a tetanus shot shot from Dr. Gant. (Omar Epps)

FaVorite FiVe: Sam Salter

'Never ‘dance like no ones watching’ are you a fool?! Dance like your EX IS WATCHING DAMNIT'

Although dancer and actor Sam Salter has a smokin body, I could fill post after post with just images of his sexy head of hair. Although it looks like Sam recently cut it, and dyed it blonde, I think he looks incredibly hot with his poofy dark haired look.

After graduating from Laine Theatre Arts in Surrey, England, Sam and made his professional debut in the National Tour of West Side Story. Sam went on to appear in the West End production of Wicked, the National Tour of Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins and the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre production of On The Town. If you love Sam's look as much as I do, check out many more shots on his Instagram HERE:

Sam by samothing

Sam by Pantelis

Sam by Matt Crockett

International Man of Mystery: Gatwick by Jack Saul Photography

'The less you reveal, the more people wonder...'

I am not usually a mask person, at least not in images of the male form. Masks and make-up, except at Halloween, are sometimes distracting. My goal is to tell a story, to share the creative process that led to the images that I'm presenting. To me, no matter how many words a photographer or a model shares, it's the image, the body, and especially the face that tell the real story.

With Jack Saul's images of Gatwick, I made an exception. First off, I love Jack's work and have featured his images many times in the past. Despite this, a search of Jack Saul on FH won't lead to finding anything, except for this piece. The artist likes to remain a bit mysterious himself, but some of you may recognize his style and some of his signature shots.

The second reason I wanted to feature Jack's shots of Gatwick is of course, his incredible body. Although his face is covered, his incredible arms, legs and chest, not to mention the rest of his incredible body, are beautifully front and center. Every inch of Gatwick's body is captured by Jack, seductive and inviting. The mask, and it's element of mystery, adding an intensely provocative edge.

The third reason that I wanted to feature Jack's image of Gatwick is exactly the reason I usually don't like the use of masks... story. Although I can't share much of Gatwick's story, I can tell you it's a good one. Gatwick clearly has an exhibitionist streak, a desire to have his beautiful body both viewed and enjoyed. His exhibitionism however comes with risks, hence the mask and secret identiy.

Is he a famous actor, singer or reality celerity? Is he a politician or government worker? Is he a criminal, maybe hiding from the law or someone else? Does he have a wife, girlfriend, husband or boss who would look kindly or support his naked flesh captured so erotically and shared with the world? I can't share much more other than his name may offer the smallest of clues... If you ever find yourself flying to or from England's Gatwick International Airport, you may or may not be close to our International man of mystery. Be sure to check the cockpit...

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 28th


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Ad Men

'Three branches of the family tree-all perfectly set up in Wilson Brothers cutaways! No matter what a man's shape or size, or whether he prefers knits or cut and sewn, he'll be happily suited by Wilson Brothers.'

Artists Who Inspire

Kenny by Baker & Adams

When FH began, I first listed all the contributors on the side of the site. At the time, I never imagined I would still be working on the FH ten years later and collaborated on stories with hundreds of photographers. I changed my link category title to 'recent contributes' and started Artist's Who Inspire to ensure all of the artists who have appeared on the site were credited. Below is an update featuring the many artists and photographers who have so generously supported FH over the last decade plus.

Image from Mike Tossy

AANE Photography***Abigail Ekue***Adrian Lourie***Alexander Chernenko***Alexander Kargaltsev***Alexandre Rios***alfenphotography***Andy Hurvitz***AJL Photo***Alan Armijo***Allan Spiers***Alex Photopaint***Anthony Timiraos***Anton Z Risan***Arteo Photo Kevin Moore***<//badboysofbjp.tumblr.com/">Bad JohnPaul***ArtPoleph***Ashland Thomas******Baker & Adams***Bad JohnPaul***Bad Behaviour Boys***BAD JOHNPAUL***Ben Octavius***Birds Eye Studios***BJ Nash***Bob Burkhardt***Bobby Shahideh***BPeterson Photos***Brett Kiellerop***Brenton Parry***Brian Gorman***Brian Jones***Bryan Nevin Media***BRYAN RAsHAUN***Bruce Denny***Bryant Criminger***byKent***Byron Motley

Joe by Studio1x

Cadeography***Carl Proctor***Carlos Miranda Photography***Carolina Freelance***Charles Archer***Chris Teel***Chris A Freeman***Christopher Photography***Christopher Singleton***Cibo Photography***ClareVoyance Photogrphy***Claus Pelz***Clean Slate***ClearEye LLC***Clyph Jean-Philippe***Cmwathen***Cooks Photography***Cruz Visionnaire***Dahlensjö Photography***Dale Pierce Photography***Damien Manspeaker***Dan Skinner***Daniel Allen***Dark Shadow Sydney***Dave Koster***David Arnot***David Vance***DAVISICON***Dennis Nauert***DejaView Photography***Digital Pixel Studios

Taylor Collins by Chris Teel

Dominick Avellino Studio***Donald Chambers***DLJ Photography***Doppel-V***
Drew Kamp***Doug Vetter***Dusti Cunningham***eMCi photo***
EwoudBouska*** FabienLemaire***FIBK***FitAussieGuys***flondo***FlyFoto***
Fineexposure***Firebird Photography***Fotoreblelxt***Fotowerk_Z***Frank Bell****Fred Sugar***Gemini Men***gentlemenOnly***GD Photowerks***GLiMPSe visual

Renn by StudioMGphotography

Gordon Nebeker***Gray Ions***Green Carnation***Greg Lindeblom***Greg Tsontakis-Mally***Gruenholtz***H2H-images***Hans Fahrmeyer***Indulis***Ian Burgess***IMAGENTS***Images Male***IMWPhotography***Jack Saul***Jackson Photograpfix***James R Cunningham***James Spada***Jamtron Studio***Jay Plogman***Jay Rickard***JayBee Photography***JBDI Photography***JDT Photgraphy***JGH Photography***Jim Wilkinson

Jay & Yorgen by Gordon Nebeker

Joe Mazza***John Fallon***John M Clum***Jon Eland***Jpics***Josh Camero***Joshua Gagnon***JR Williams***JrChristiansenStudio***JDT Photography***jtoPHOTO***Julian Vankim***Justin O'Keith***JW Johnson***Kevin Kurbs***Karl Smet***Keith Ingram***Kim Hanson***Klinikel***Kirill KAZAKOV***Kurt R. Brown***LBL Artistic Photography***Leigh Carter***Lewis and Marshall***Lights on Studio***Lime Street***lionart609

Josh by Male beauty by bengie

Brandon by JW Johnson

Nicolas Smith***Nicky Reyes***Night Kast Images***Noplacia Photography***Norcal Bodz***Nohea Dunn***Nosferatu Photography***Oakleigh***Ohm Photography***Pascal d'Ameyal***Palm Spring Men***Patrick Keuanu***Patrick Mulcahy***Patrick R***Patrick Slater***Paul Mariano***Paul Reitz***Paul Morris***Paul Richmond***Paul Sixta***Paul Smollen***Peek Physique***PerfectFit Photography***Peter Rowen***Photoby010***Photo15***Photos By Biron***Photography by Hugh***Pierre Jean***Pierre Simard***Pinnacle Photo***

Angelspins by NICKET

Jonah by MW Photo MD

Trent by The Third Eye

Thumbs Down: Youtube

For many years, I used Youtube to upload videos for FH.  This week, thanks to the video of Alain Patrick in Blue Money (Original post HERE:), my account was suspended, permanently. Despite a challenge, they are sticking to their guns and keeping me off the site.

I don't argue there is nudity in the video, but not sure what exactly the site was bothered about, the tan lines maybe?  The video is tame, just a male butt and I have had many videos with frontals which didn't appear to have any problems.  I am not going to sweat it, they have their rules, I don't think I really crossed them, but I did walk the line.  I wanted to post however as some readers may find many videos missing within posts. I am going to slowly start to embed them right in the posts, but it may take awhile, some I saved, many I did not, so be patient if you stumble upon any that don't work.

The Bottom Line's