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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 9th

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Seasonal Sightings

With the summer now in full swing, I'm going to be posting a little less the next month or so.  I'll still be posting every week, just not as often, so keep checking back!

The Stud

Check out The Stud, the latest entry in my Actors & Skin series 

Overall Outtakes

I've been following the work of model Xavier Serrano since first discovering, and posting about his work a few years ago. (HERE:) Xavier recently posted this hot outtakes from his shoot with photographer Valero Rioja for Risbel Magazine.  If these are the outtakes, I can't wait to see the final edits and get my hands on the magazine.

Xavier Serrano on Instagram

Creative Coupling: Nico by Gordon Nebeker

'I had seen shoots done with two models and I was intrigued... The chemistry was so alive, so erotic, electric even.'

Many FH readers might remember that I'm not always a fan of couple shoots.  When they're done well, they can, as Nico says, be electric.  Unfortunately, many couples are shot as if they're posing for a porn flick's promotional cover art instead of a creative photograph. Those photos can be hot for sure, but don't necessarily sustain a viewers attention for long. When a skilled photographer focuses on form, and the natural chemistry between the models, a inherent eroticism occurs, leaving the viewer wanting to see more. 

Nico (Calves of Adonis) began modeling about 7 years ago after making an connection with Wilmington based photographer Philip Brown. Philip noticed Nico's beautiful long, lean physique and great features and thought he'd be great for an athletic modeling shoot for his American Male series.    Since that first shoot, Nico's continued to model working a variety of photographers since. Some readers may remember Nico's work with Unlimited Male which I featured last year. (Distinct Encounters)

After modeling for a couple of years, Nico decided to push his boundaries and began modeling nude.  Although he was pretty nervous at first, he really enjoyed the freedom to express himself in such a provocative way.  Nico was anxious to go beyond just athletic poses and express himself without the hindrance of clothing.  Nico also also found that he enjoyed being in front of the camera, much like an actor on stage.

'I was definitely pretty nervous for my first shoot. At first I was determined for the shoot to be only partially nude, with a sash or small cloth barley covering me. But as we progressed with the shoot I felt more comfortable. I had worked with this photographer before and they were able to create encouragement that the shoot was going great. Professionalism was definitely a factor, but also making it fun.'

Nico first spotted photographer Gordon Nebeker's work on Instagram last summer.  He really loved Gordon's use of natural light nd how skilled he was at capturing the essence of the models in front of his lens.  Nico got in touch with Gordon about a possible future collaboration.  Gordon liked his look and suggested they connect about a shoot once things calmed down a bit with the pandemic.  They made plans to shoot in the fall, when Gordon was on route south to Florida. 

'I really enjoyed working with Gordon. He was very professional and also made the shoot fun, both aspects I really enjoyed. We started off with me wearing what I had brought and then I slowly worked my way out of my clothes... ;)  It was great to see the shoot unfold; he would show me the shots as we would take them and get my feedback. I really admire that. When we finished the shoot he said we would be in touch to shoot again in the spring. '

Gordon also enjoyed his collaboration with Nico, and an other shoot was planned for April.  Gordon was settling into a new place in FL and was excited to try out new backgrounds and spots to shoot.  Gordon says the the house has so many windows that it was easy to find that natural light that he loves to shoot with.  As they were planning their shoot, Nico expressed to Gordon his desire to try doing a shoot with another model.  

'I had seen shoots done with two models and I was intrigued. The chemistry in the shot was so alive, so erotic, electric even. I trusted that with Gordon's experience, he knew how well I would click with another model if I were to do a duo shoot with him behind the lens. Gordon said he found a model interested in working the weekend I would be in FL. He shared some images with me and to be honest I swooned. '

As FH readers know well, Gordon has plenty of experience shooting not only couples but groups of three and four models together  during his yearly shoots in Utah. Some of you may remember Gordon's recent work with Conner and Tim, a couple who's worked Gordon commemorated in book form. (Love In The Afternoon.)  Because of his previous work with Conner, (Texas_Phoenix) Gordon knew that he could count on Conner to give a 110% and knew he'd would be the perfect partner for Nico's first couple shoot. 

'The boat shoot wasn’t really planned out in advance but we went for lunch and a boat ride and luckily I had my camera! Our two other boat companions didn’t complain and they are still talking about it to this day! '

'The shots on the boat were definitely fun. When Gordon said we would be among friends, I knew I could trust him when out on the boat. I feel comfortable nude, and when all eyes were on me I definitely just felt pride that I had such an audience ogling me. I know I probably sound conceited, but I am very humble. I don't usually flaunt myself. Being a model gives me the opportunity to embrace my body and enjoy the work that I have put into it through strict exercise regimen and nutrition.'

'Conner is very handsome and... well proportioned. His body type matched my own and I was excited to work with such a handsome guy.  Conner and I had to get a feel for each other. Its almost like a dance, an unspoken language. How does he feel when I hold him here, how do I respond when he touches me there. For a shoot that is as intimate as Gordon wanted to produce, we really had to make these connections and stow away our inhibitions. And I think we most certainly did.

Our chemistry was amazing and we both felt right at home being naked in front of the other. It was challenging trying to make sure we were both working together. Since we were both the center of each shot, one could not outshine the other or be too showy. We had to create a good balance to sometimes create symmetry, other times create the proper angles necessary for the shoot to develop properly.' 

Conner & Nico

'Truly a joy to work with - both of them! I always get this question when I show duo work and in this case, no, Nico and Conner did not know each other before this shoot. It is evidence of their modeling and acting skills that the photos look as if they had known each other for years. That, and a bit of chemistry, certainly helps!   

In most of my shoots, I am usually experimenting as we go along. When I am shooting people, I am usually shooting with a mid to short telephoto lens on my camera but I deliberately tried to mix in some shots with a much wider angle lens. This creates a more environmental portrait look where the setting takes equal or greater importance to the human figure. I’m very happy with many of the shots we got using that technique. '

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