Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 18th

Ben by JayBee
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Happy Birthday today April 18th

Happy Birthday today April 18th to Dynasty's hairy hero John James! check out more of John HERE: & more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Below: John on Battle of The Network Stars

More Than A Feeling

I love Boston. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the city and camped and traveled around Salem and Lynn. Like everyone, I was shocked and saddened by the violence and death this past Monday. My thoughts go out to all of those suffering. I am also angry, yes of course at who did it, but also of all of the television stations out of Boston.

I wrote a rather light hearted commentary this past February about how excited all of the television stations in Boston seem to get every time it snows. It seemed anything beyond a flurry caused them to halt regular programming and broadcast the storm 24/7. They of course did this again this past week. I understand this was an important story, and regular programming needed to be interrupted... but... Most of the Boston stations rolled the news of the bombing non-stop for close to 36 hours, even though there was not actually any new news to report beyond the first hour or so. It was almost 'Hunger Games' like how they replayed the bombing OVER AND OVER and replayed the runners OVER AND OVER and almost excitedly looked for any new tidbit, no matter how tiny, to report. There was speculation, there were mistakes, there were wrong connections made and ties to Al-Qaeda made long before any proof or actual arrests. 

Some of the scenes were played so often, any meaning they once had, was sucked out of anyone viewing them. After watching for awhile on Monday night, I switched over hoping to take a mental break by watching The Voice. The Boston NBC of course was not airing it. I didn't care, I found it online. The Voice however, coming loudly and repeatedly from the NBC station, as well as CNN, ABC, CBS and Fox was not the voice of news, it was one of exploitation. Network News, especially in Boston I believe, is about as much about news as the countless celebrity gossip shows. If it were about news, we would have only seen news.  The death and pain in Boston for these channels, became quickly, and clearly, about ratings and money.

Kudos To Ezra Miller

I am not of the actual purpose in making 2011's We Need To Talk About Kevin. I watched it for the first time last week, and initially I struggled to find a reason to devote 112 minutes into examining the relationship between a mother and her disturbed mass murderer son. Usually movies such as this, even when not intending to, glorify the subject simply by giving it attention.

Even with my reservations on the subject matter, I am hoping the motive for making the film was what kept me glued for each of those 112 minutes, the acting. Although I cannot say I exactly enjoyed the film, watching Tilda Swinton and especially Ezra Miller was really breathtaking. Ezra's tour de force performance as Kevin was riveting. Kevin was deeply troubled, that was clear, but it's source was a question never answered. His mother Eva, tried as best she could to connected a child nconnectable. His depth of hate, birthed rather than nurtured. Although I wish the movie had chosen a different ending, maybe one which stuck to family, without adding the school element, the scenes between mother and son were some of the most powerful I have seen on film.

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Ezra followed up Kevin with one of my favorite movies from last season, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Although still playing a struggling teen, Patrick was the antithesis of Kevin and surely a great change of pace for Ezra to play. Erza Miller-One to watch!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Change Yo Drawers! Ben by JayBee

'Playful living at every naked moment possible!'

I think on of my favorite treats from last Halloween was the discovery of the work of Seattle photographer JayBee from Frisky Frolic. I love Jay's creativity, lightness and humour! 

The theme for this series was a simple one. Jay says he just handed Ben a sack of underwear and asked him to try each piece on. The results, visual eye candy that's just a whole lot of fun!