Monday, July 19, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 19th

Ryan Bertroche by Samuel Zakuto.

Happy Birthday today July 19th to:

Happy Birthday today July 19th to:

Jared Padalecki turns 28 today.

Danny Roberts turns 33 today.

Anthony Edwards turns 48 today.

Campbell Scott turns 48 today.

Peter Barton turns 54 today.

In The Beginning.... With Jared Mendonsa

I love showcasing new talent on FH, actors, models and photographers. It is nice to get to know someone at the beginning of their career. A few weeks ago I posted a series of shots I discovered by photographer Jared Mendonsa. The series, 'Modern Apollo' (above) really stood out to me and I went on the hunt to find out more about the artist behind them. About the Modern Apollo shoot Jared says: "When I was in school, one of my project ideas was to do a series depicting how the Greek gods would be portrayed in modern day. The tanning bed shots are supposed to represent Apollo, the Greek god of light."

Jared is a graduate from UMass Lowell obtaining a degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography. Jared first found his love for photography in high school when he took a photo 1 class. "My style of photography includes fashion/beauty, the male form" I really loved Jared's portfolio. It had all the shots you would expect, portraits, fashion and beauty shots. What really stood out to me however was that mixed within his portfolio were several highly creative shots and photo series that I really loved. Jared has a great eye for composition and edits his shots in way that gives his work a distinct look. Be sure to check out more of Jared's work at his MM page HERE:

Jared says he also love doing series that tell a story. There are several incredible ones in his portfolio. Of course that had me curious as to what we might be seeing in the future...

"I am currently working on redoing a project I did in school. I did a series based on the board game Clue. I had models dress up as the characters and they posed with a certain weapon and the backdrop was a certain room. The photos were black & white but I scanned the negatives to digitally add only the color they are represented by to their clothes. I also set up the photos with clues in them, so you could solve a mystery by studying all the photos. It was definitely my favorite series of work, however, the scan of the negatives did not come out that great, so I've always been wanting to redo it with a digital camera. I've been slowly working on that in my free time."

Bringing a board game to life through photography is an incredible idea and I look forward to the results!

Jello Shots

Below: Daniel Atwood
I have featured model Daniel Atwood on FH in the past. Jared says that working with Dan was great. "He was very easy to work with and knew what I was looking for with very little direction."

Below: Jared shoots Tyson Smith.

21 year old Tyson Smith is a college student in Providence who is fairly new to modeling. Tyson has worked with many photographers over the last year but one of his first shoots was with Jared. You can check more of Tyson at his blog HERE:

Below: Lust
Tyson had the idea to a shoot featuring The 7 Deadly Sins. He and Jared collaborated and brain stormed each shot. You can see the entire series on Jared's MM page HERE:

Nick Pizzaro by Hans Fahrmeyer

So it's not Sunday, but Monday is just as good a day to showcase the latest work of Hans Fahrmeyer, especially when it involves model Nick Pizzaro. 21 year old Nick, who hails from Long Island New York is good friends with another Long Islander, and model who has worked with Hans, Phil Fusco. Be sure to check out the video below!

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