Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 6th

Stunning shot of Stephen Kroeger by Josh McVeity. Stephen is from Mode Models Toronto and is also a new face for Major.

Favorite Birthday Boys for May 6th

Happy Birthday today May 6th to:

Anton Antipov turns 26 today.

George Clooney turns 48 today.

Favorite Goofy Grin of the Day: Holden Nowell

I posted on one of my favorite guys from Major Models,Holden Nowell last month. I continue to be struck by Holden not just because of his beauty, but because unlike many models, his personality shines through in his work. The photographers who photography him must see this as well, as many seem to get a shot of Holden acting goofy and adorable. For some reasons, these pics appeal to me as much or more than just the classic poses. Here are a few shots! For more check out my last post on Holden or his profile at Major Models HERE:

Above, Holden with Joey Kirchner.

Next three shots of Holden by Gregory Vaughan.

Polaroid below by Kwannam Chu.

Last pic from Michael Tammaro.

Favorite Import of the Day: Sagamore Stévenin

I was only recently introduced to beautiful 35 year old French actor Sagamore Stévenin. I want to thank the poster at Dreamcaps who introduced me which had me looking for more. I was instantly drawn to Sagamore's beautiful face and eyes and watching him on screen has only been a bonus. Thus far I have only been able to find a couple of his movies to watch, but I am on the look out for more.

Sagamore lives in Ile-de-France and is part of an acting family with a director father and has two brothers who also act. Sagamore moves easily between movies, tv and the stage, and in 2006 took on a part in the theatrical adaptation of the french film A Clockwork Orange. I have only found one site on Sagamore, but it has an extensive photo gallery on his many projects, check it out HERE:

Sagamore in 'Romance' (1999).

Sagamore in 'Cages' (2006).