Monday, June 20, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 20th

Incredibly hot shot of one of my favorite models DW Chase by David Wagner.
Check out more of DW's work, including more the shoot with David, at his blog HERE: and check out more of David's work below.

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Distinctive: Jason YC Wang by WagnerLA

Boldness of Expression is one of the themes photographer David Wagner says permeates his work. It is for this reason I find it so exciting every time I am able to feature his photographs. It is a difficult task for anyone today, especially in the world of photography, to be distinctive but David's work is just that.

There is an energy, bold and sexual yes, but there is also something more. I think the energy stems from the LA in WagnerLA. David's lighting, the feel, even within his studio work seems to draw energy from the California heat. Maybe it David's eye as a designer but I always feel David is mixing modern masculinity with retro Hollywood sensuality, a heat pre air conditioning heat you can can never really escape.

Having been a fan of each others work, model Jason YC Wang, Dr Wang to you, (Jason has his PhD in molecular biology) drove from San Diego to LA to experience the heat. Molecular biology is a branch of biology that deals with the formation, structure, and function of macromolecules essential to life, and especially their role in cell replication and the transmission of genetic information.

With so much science, data and test tubes from nine to five what an incredible contrast to strip off the lab coat at the end of the day and step from behind the microscope lens into the focus of a camera lens.

There is not a lot of expressive creativity in the field of a molecular biology. It is that much more essential then to find a way to assert your creative side when not at work. You can check out more of Jason's bold expressions on ModelMayhem HERE: where you can see his collaborations with many of my favorite artists.

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Terry Cambon by WagnerLA
Click of the week: Carlos Villar by WagnerLA
Ernest Pierce By David Wagner

Spring Break!!!

Given today is the last day of spring it is my last chance to say I am going on Spring Break! Those who have been checking FH for awhile know once or twice a year I take short blog breaks. Except for a short trip on Thursday I am not going away, just have a ton of 'real life' things to take care of, some family stuff and some weekend house guests.

Keep checking in daily as I have a few great profiles already ready to go and will still be posting (including coverage of BroadwayBares), just not the amount I usually do. Thanks to those who check in each day, even though blogs seem to be on the decline I am grateful to loyal readers who keep the numbers for FH climbing!


Below: Last nights Broadway Bares

Summer Heat: David Morin by Tom66

With summer beginning officially tomorrow, I could think of no better way to celebrate than this shoot of model David Morin by Thomas from Tom66. Some of you might recognize David as Masculine Mag's model search winner earlier this year. David has an extensive portfolio and impressive modeling credits but although Thomas says David was not a big fan of the blue speedo these beach shots are some of my favorite from his port.

'To get something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.'
David Morin

David specializes in the healing arts, helping others with lifestyle changes. David's believes the body is a temple and considers it his mission to unlock the human potential in others. If you need a guide, an advisor, motivation or just an ass kicker check out David's site HERE: for more!

Thomas (Tom66) lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida so there is no shortage of locations for beach shoots. Thomas says it is important to him to work and shoot men he likes and respects and his goal is provide them shots that they will love. Thomas says shooting with David was a pleasure and others on the beach seemed to enjoy the experience as well. At one point when David was walking out of the ocean in his speedo towards the camera a woman on the beach pulled out her camera and began to shoot as well. Who can blame her!

You can check out more of Thomas' work on ModelMayhem HERE:

GLEE: Spring Awakenings!

As Spring, like the Glee tour come to an end, (it's last couple of weeks are in London and Ireland), the cast will finally get a much deserved, although far too short, vacation. Although this season ended on an upswing I wanted to look back on two of my favorite characters. One I initially disliked and now love. The other began a favorite but is now barely watchable.

I resisted liking Darren Criss when he was introduced earlier in the season. His first episode and rendition of 'Teenage Dream' was an instant hit with fans. I am hit and miss on Katy Perry songs and Ryan Murphy chose to play with fans about who Kurt's new boyfriend would be (he most likely did not know) and I was not sure if Darren would stick around long enough to invest in. By the end of the season Criss' songs were the highlight's of many shows and the actor won me over. I hope the new writing team gives Blaine back the strength he displayed when he first came on the scene. Somehow by the end of the season the character seemed to morph into more of a Kurt twin, losing some of the dynamic qualities he had when first introduced.

Below: Got to love old shots showing up on tumblr

Jonathan Groff is a an amazing actor and singer and his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody at the end of season one was phenomenal. This season however, Glee brought Groff's Jesse back with little to do, almost nothing to sing and a ruined character even Groff fans struggled to enjoy.

Glee is certainly top heavy with heroes, all the male cast members began as uinique and flawed, but all that singing and dancing has made them all, especially Puck, lose any edge they once had. Making Jesse a villian is not a bad idea, it was just one not very well thought out and not very well written. Creating a love triangle with such an unlikable character really brought nothing to the show. I hope Jesse returns at some point in the future with a decent story and songs worthy of his talent.

Jonathan & Lea in 'I Believe' From Spring Awakenings:
Such a beautiful and powerful scene.