Friday, February 15, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 16th

Image by Robert J Guttke
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Happy Birthday today February 16th

Happy Birthday to William Katt, shown here in one of my favorite movies, Carrie. Check out more of William on FH HERE: and more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Robert J Guttke : And Then Some!

Nude models. Cheese cloth. Photography. A shower!

Robert Guttke’s Wet Nudes and Then Some
Patrick's Cabaret
Friday, February 15th and Saturday, February 16th at 7:30pm

Photographer: Robert John Guttke
Co-Curators: Dennis Yelkin & Tom Cassidy
Video Stream: Hal Lovemelt
Models: Daniel Flohr, Nina Saarem, Molly Copeland, Jerome Bowden and Dustin Haug

Robert John Guttke is a sculptor and photographer in the Twin Cities. He is also the cities best kept secret since few know that his creativity, much of which has been published around the world, comes from Minnesota. A common theme in 20 years of his work is the use of water & the human figure. He will be demonstrating such photography at Patrick’s Cabaret, working with four models. The models will be nude with clothing elements. His use of cheese cloth on the human body creates an almost gossamer spider web effect that shimmers beneath the silver rain from above.

If your lucky enough to be in Minneapolis this weekend, Patrick's Cabaret would be the place to be!
Check out details HERE: & on Facebook HERE:

Robert J Guttke: Trinity

'Robert J Guttke's career in the arts began with drawings and sculpture. Exhibiting in a variety of galleries across the country. The camera, which had always been a tool, became a means of expression. He changed mediums. Yet the photography has always been the work of a sculptor with an artist’s eye for composition.'

I know many might think the main reason for doing a blog focused on the male form would be the visuals. Image after image of one incredible looking naked man after another. Those who read FH, not just skim the pictures, but read, know I strive to showcase more than the visual, but the emotional, and the talent and artistry involved in the creation of the images I feature.

The visuals for me, are secondary. They are the results of something, a process that ignites my true passion. Getting to know an artist and exploring what led to the creation of specific image, a specific shoot or theme is the reason and motivation behind my continued interest in doing the blog. One of the most fascinating, not to mention talented, artists I have had the pleasure of getting to know this past year was Robert J. Guttke.

Robert is unequivocally a master at capturing the human form. His images, always exceptional, always reaching beyond the bounds of standard creativity. Robert is never satisfied with just good, or even great for that matter. Mediocrity never acceptable and originality a pre-requisite. Robert, also a writer and storyteller has shared many stories from his time behind the camera. Many, I sadly cannot share, but all contribute to my love of Robert's work. I have seen images from this series on a few occasions and it is has become a favorite of mine. Blending body and location, architecture and pose, each image, especially the last one below, stand alone as works of art.


When Paul joined Emma and Jacob in the shower at the end of this weeks The Following, a complicated relationship took an even more emotional turn.

I generally turn off most television crime shows. To me, life is violent enough without watching fellow human beings being mutilated and tortured during the evening. I did however try out The Following, mostly to see what brought Kevin Bacon to television. The show is indeed incredibly violent, but thus far the complex characters have kept me watching.

The core relationship in the Kevin Williamson drama is of course that of Kevin's character with serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). Joe's ability to get into the heads of others, has to me, led to the most interesting element of the show, his followers.

Nico Tortorella and Adan Canto Play Paul and Jacob, two of Joe's followers, who for a time posed as a gay couple as part of Joe's plan to get closer to Ryan's (Bacon) family. Problem is, one of them took the role a bit more seriously and got a little method with their part. Throw in 'nanny' Emma (Valorie Curry) and you have one of televisions most interesting throuples! This week's shower scene was both erotic and an intensely emotional end for Paul who just completed Emma's deadly test.

Adan Canto

Nico Tortorella
TV Guide feature on the Shower