Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 22nd

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Happy Birthday today December 22nd

Happy Birthday today to actor Pat Mastroianni!

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Anyone who was a kid in the 80's will be excused if they gulp reading Degrassi Jr High's Joey Jeremiah turns 50 today.

Mr. December

'A bare tree stands with roots on both ends in December days.'
Kiran Bantawa

Tree's aren't the only thing bare in December, especially in nude charity calendars.  I've been featuring many of my favorites over the last couple of years, mostly thanks to the work of MichaelAndrews73a  and his Naked Calendar Men site on Reddit. (HERE:)  Check out more of my favorite shots on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

University Of Huddersfield Rugby Union Club

Immortal Form's Strapping Santa's

This group of sexy Santa's clearly skip those millions of plates of cookies left for them to devour on Christmas Eve.  Maybe it's because this group of Kris Kringles are Canadian, and they need to ensure they have enough stamina not only to bring it on the 24th, but to sustain them through the long winter ahead. 

Dave from Immortal Form got his wish list completed early, getting most of these hot ho ho's in front of the camera before the Omicron variant began to surge. Dave normally shoots one or two models a week on the weekend, but went crazy in December shooting three or four models a week.  Hopefully he'll share more in the new year, minus the felt and fleece!


Luke G: Indoor/Outdoor

'Christmas can’t be bought from a store. Maybe Christmas means a little bit more.'
Dr. Seuss

I know many FH viewers have been enjoying my recent pieces featuring the work of model and artist Luke G.  I've been fortunate to feature Luke's work many times over the years, but this year, Luke headed into the woods several times to shoot for FH.  I love the shots of Luke outdoors, and truly appreciate his baring the cold to get such spectacular shots. Luke even got a bit sick after one of his naked shoots in the snow, but pushed on to finish the shoot.

I love Luke's work, especially his nature nudes.  Luke blends his skill both as a model and as an artist to create beautifully striking visuals. What I also love about them is how organic they they are.  Simple is often considered a bad word, people use it at times to describe something easy or uncomplicated.  With Luke's, the simplistic in his work only enhances his work's beauty.

I asked Luke to do some holiday shots, so in these images, he's donning a Santa hat and is garnished in glittery Christmas garland.  Usually however, Luke is garnished in nothing, it's just him with the forest as his background.  Luke creates the look, sets up the shot, places the camera and strikes a sensual pose.  No worries about co-ordinating with anyone but mother nature.

This Christmas, Luke created shots both outside, and inside.  For some reason, this had me thinking about Christmas, and how much things have changed over the years.  There was a time, if you wanted gift someone with a naked selfie, you had to own one of those big old fashion instant cameras.  You had to hold them yourself, so it the erotic results were usually blurry close-ups of your genitals.  Today, artists like Luke, can use their skill and artistry to plan and created incredible shots.  Not necessarily easier, but simpler, with much better results.

'I wanted to do something Christmas theme, I not only wanted bold, but with a smidge of playfulness to it. Giving Santa some more scandalous aspect. After all, naughty or nice is merely a matter of perspective.'

Despite how much we complain, most things in life are actually much easier than they were when our parents and grandparent were growing up.  Christmas in particular, has changed dramatically over the years.  There was a time, the only way to get a Christmas tree, was to head into the woods with an axe.  Find the perfect tree, chop it down and drag it home.  Then... try to get it to stay upright, using one of those old fashioned tree-stands with little screws that went into the base.   It usually didn't work out that well, and ropes were tied around the tree and then attached to a wall.

Today, we can buy tree's at lots or just an pull artificial ones out of a box.  Even today's artificial tree's are a breeze.  No more hours of trying to color coat the ends before sticking into a pole.  Today's fake tree's come already assembled, many are also pre-lit, some even pre-decorated.  The last couple of years, I've noticed that Christmas lights have changed as well.  .This year, couldn't find indoor mini-lights to save my life.  Every store that I went to only had the combo of indoor /outdoor lights for sale.  When I was a kid in the eighties, lights were either one or the other.  It was considered dangerous to use either, where it wasn't intended. 

Call me crazy, but I like a clear  differentiation between my indoor and outdoor decorations.  Maybe it's because for many years, I only decorated outside as I was never home for the holidays. This year, I'm going to be home, so I decorated both indoors and outdoors.  The family I was expecting however, canceled late last week. With the recent spike in Covid numbers, I'm sure many of you will experience the same thing.   My niece and her boyfriend were due to arrive the 23rd.  They were going to stay until the night of the 25th, then head out to visit his family.  

No tree yet, but I was planning on getting one later this week.  I'm glad however, that I took the time to decorate inside and out. My tree will have a mix match of old sets of mini-lights.  I'm not quite ready to bend to the new versions, yet. For now, I'll stick with what I have.  Simple, but incredibly bright and beautiful like these shots of Luke.  Check out more of Luke, featuring his indoor shots, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: