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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 18th

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Happy Birthday today October 18th

Happy 30th Mr. Efron!

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expose by Anthony Timiraos

'Every artist undresses his subject, whether human or still life. It is his business to find essences in surfaces, and what more attractive and challenging surface than the skin around a soul?'
Richard Corliss

Almost two years in the making, 'expose' is a rich collection of 246 pages of full color nude photos featuring close to 40 different models from photographer Anthony Timiraos. Shot in the style of Old Master's paintings, the artists collection of nude photographs provides a diversity look at the (mostly) nude male bodies positioned in classical poses.

'I especially love the breadth of diversity Anthony captures. Diversity, not just of race and ethnicity, but diversity of age, body type, and maybe most significant, diversity of culture. Beyond ethnicity, one’s cultural background impacts the way lives are lived and how their ideas and passions are formed. For so many, this is often revealed on their bodies. It shows in their choice of piercings and body art and in the length of facial and body hair. It may most sharply show up in their comfort with being vulnerable, exposed and naked in front of the camera.'
Tye Briggs, Forward, expose

I have been fortunate to have been able to feature Anthony's work in a series of posts beginning this past July. (HERE:) Anthony's images are erotically dramatic and his subjects, beautifully varied. (Ed Galloway, featured below, graces pages 76-81) The incredible diversity of models means every model, every shoot, and every page of expose, is a visually unique and erotic experience.

To order or learn more about expose, check out the link on Anthony's website HERE. 
 The book is available in both paperback and kindle editions.

Solid Ground: Ed Galloway by TR Pics

Recently, I was having a back and forth with Tom from TR Pics about choosing a model and shoot for our next feature o FH. I suggested a few models I liked, and Tom sent a few suggestions back. As we were waiting for them to respond I noticed that a model I really liked and follow on Instagram had posted a few shots from his work with Tom. I contacted him right away.

Model Ed Galloway has a warning on the top of his Instagram that reads, 'If you follow me, you could see my butt.' That warning proved more of invitation for me, especially give how incredibly hot and fit Ed is. Ed also shares on his Instagram that he is a father and husband, two roles most important to him. I was worried that Ed may not want to expose too much, but although Ed responded that he appreciate my sensitivity to his 'bashfulness', he loved the images he and Tom created and was eager to share the results.

Tom was equally thrilled to showcase his work with Ed and his first words back to me was what a 'solid good guy' Ed was and how much he enjoyed their shoot together. With all that's going on the world, solid has become a rare community in many people, and something I both appreciate, and find incredibly attractive. Ed's solidity doesn't just come from his commitment to his family, but as you can also see, a clear and passionate commitment to his body and fitness.

'Ed's penchant for posing has come with his older age. He was visiting his mother here in Dallas for her 80th birthday and contacted me to see if I'd want to shoot. I said yes, not really knowing what kind of model I'd get. Well, for a guy in his late 50s, he is in amazing shape. He also didn't mind shooting nudes. Ed works out a lot, and has just an all-around great personality. He was such a polite, great guy to shoot with!'

In addition to Ed's incredible physique, he also has a great face that looks like it was meant to be in front of the camera. I was sure Ed must have been modeling all of his life. Surprisingly, Ed shares he's relatively new to the field. Although he may be new to modeling, Ed's not new to being in front of a camera, but in the past, it was as an actor not a model. During the 80's, Ed appeared on a variety of TV shows, making guest shots on Brothers, The Facts of Life and Oh Madaline with the late great Madeline Kahn. With Ed's late entry into the modeling world, and his past as an actor, I was fascinated to learn more about the family man who's creative hobby includes nude modeling.

Why Modeling and Why Now?

'I was an actor when I was a young man. My career shifted away from the creative fields but as the last couple of years have changed in my personal life, I’ve needed a creative outlet. My favorite experiences have been meeting with photographers or artists who have a creative vision that I can contribute to. If a real friendship develops from a collaboration, it is a wonderful gift.'

'Modeling gives me a creative outlet that doesn’t revolve around my children (I’m the primary caretaker in my family) and gives me an outlet for myself (my narcissism?), and it is not the intense investment that a play might require with its multi week or longer commitment.'

Factors weighed before taking it all off?

'I’m a father, so I always think about everything through that lens. When I consider taking it all off, I ask myself “what will the kids think if they see this?” And, I also want to teach them that bodies are beautiful and are not objects of shame. My first time was with an artist who’s work I really respected. I was nervous about being naked of course but I also wanted to be a good subject for him — in this case he was a body painter so I was pretty much a human canvas. I want to push myself creatively and I believe that staying within one’s comfort zone of safely, is not an environment where creativity can grow.'

Favorite body parts, and keeping his body fit?

'My butt gets attention in pictures but my face, which is increasingly becoming a Spencer Tracy-esque rough terrain, is my favorite “part." I go to the gym a few times a week and watch what I eat pretty carefully. I’m just having fun, looking for collaborations that I can be a part of and if they want a 23 year old, smooth, 3% body fat, aesthetic model . . . I’m probably not their guy! LOL'

Working With Tom:

'I had been aware of Tom’s work through both Facebook (where we were both members in the same private group) and Instagram. I admired his work and was planning a trip to Dallas for my Mom’s birthday. I think I was the one to reach out to him initially asking if he’d be interested in shooting. He turned out to be a wonderful man, very kind and I hope we get the opportunity to shoot again. I think he’s got a great style and I’m proud of the images he captured when we were together.'

Horror Hunks: Fear No Evil

'Andrew Williams is a shy, awkward high school student with a straight ‘A’ average and a horrifying secret: He was born the Antichrist, the profane incarnation of Lucifer himself.'

As if High School wasn't hard enough! My love of horror films has narrowed in scope over the years. I haven't found many recent movies that have the same feel and creativity of films made before the 1990's. Over the last couple of years 70's and 80's films in the genre have been my favorite. For me, a great horror film has to have a few elements for me to enjoy. First, it can't take itself too seriously. Although not all films that I end up liking intend to, a little camp doesn't hurt.

Stefan Arngrim

Secondly, I like a story. Simply a series of people being hacked up does little to nothing to me. Thirdly, I need decent acting. I know this can be difficult, as most horror flicks feature new actors on their way up, but to show actual fear requires more than just screeching and running for your life. Lastly, given this is FH, a little male skin is always a welcome bonus!

Writer and director Frank LaLoggia brings everything on my list together in his 1981 directorial debut, Fear No Evil. FNO was LaLoggia's passion project and he raised most of the money needed to bring the film to the screen. The films campy content to me comes from it's lead, former child star Stefan Arngrim, who plays Andrew/Lucifer. Although Arngrim is the films star, he doesn't actually drive the plot so much as react to it. He has fewer lines than most of his co-stars, but certainly more terrorizing facial expressions.

LaLoggia does a great job setting up Andrew's motivations, especially as Andrew, giving enough back story on his family to have us understand his rage. Although Arngrim is good in the role, the great acting mostly stems from actress Elizabeth Hoffman. Like me, you may not know her name, but most will immediately recognize her face as soon as she hits the screen.

The male nudity stems from a rather long, strange, but enjoyable shower scene about third way into the film. Arngrim, co-stars Daniel Eden and Paul Haber join a few extras for the scene and all appear to have filmed the scene totally naked. Except for Arngrim, you get brief frontals from all the other actors. The scene involves an extended supernatural kiss between the jock and the geek, two roles at the opposite ends of high school's most well known archetypes.

Paul Haber

The late Paul Haber is great in the film as the annoying and hyper student who drives everyone nuts. Haber didn't really ping my 'hunk' radar until seeing his great bubble butt during the shower scene.

Haber and his great butt (far left)

Eden has the most exposure, and sadly doesn't have many other credits on his resume. Eden seems to have been told to channel John Travolta's Welcome Back Kotter character in the film in both appearance an mannerisms. Although the caps cover most of the nudity, if you want to watch the scene, I have uploaded it on SENDSPACE HERE:

Arngrim and Daniel Eden