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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 20th

Andrew by The Third Eye
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Happy Birthday today November 20th

Happy 33rd to actor and singer Jeremy Jordan!

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Relax Reggie!

Charles by Andrew John Joseph for British Vogue.

I love Riverdale, but there is something off about this season. Part of it could be the focus on darker stories. Last year centered on a murder, but it was still done with a soapy and comic book type of fun.  It could also could be the more noticeable shift to everything being about the four main characters. They have always been the focus, but this season the supporting cast seem even more distanced from the main stories and action.

Below: Next two shots by Justin Wu

This means some of my favorite characters, especially Kevin and Cheryl, are only getting flashes of screen time, Josie, much less. This also means, our new Reggie, actor Charles Melton, who I first noticed in AHS Hotel, is also not getting to do anything besides fist bump Archie, and occasionally scowl and grunt. 

I am already getting a little tired of the main four, and hope the writers balance out the story as the season goes on.  The one episode where Kevin (Casey Cott) was actually written for was one of the seasons best, and Melton is too talented, and too hot, to be written as just a hyper and testosterone grunting neanderthal.

The Autumn Woods: Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker

Regular FH readers are undoubtedly familiar with Mr. Herzog, and photographer Gordon Nebeker's habit of capturing the hunky former marine's surrounded by tree's, even at times, Christmas Tree's... The problem for Mr. Herzog however isn't being naked in the forest. It's not worrying about poison ivy, the bugs and tree sap, or even being poked by a jagged branch.

Given Mr. Herzog's location, Gordon is only usually able to connect with him on his trips to and from Florida. Given Gordon usually only does this drive in the early spring, and the late fall, this means Mr. Herzog is usually frolicking naked through the forest when it's freezing outside! It isn't a problem for viewers, as and during the spring and fall, colors tend to be more vibrant, and the suns light clear and crisp. But, as crisp as that light may be, it's of little comfort for Mr. Herzog if Gordon decides he just 'must have' a shot of Mr. Herzog under a waterfall or laying in the lake...

These shots were taken last year, about this time in November as Gordon headed south to escape winter's rapture of the North East. This shoot also provided us with last holiday's shots of Mr. Herzog decorating a tree in the forest. You can check out that shoot, and all of Gordon's work with Mr. Herzog, and other models on his Quaternate post HERE:

If you haven't checked out my most recent piece featuring Gordon's work, Muscles & Mountains: Lake Powell II. check it out HERE: The heat may be equal to the sizzling Mr. Herzog, but the temperatures were a wee bit higher!

Unfinished Stories: Andrew by The Third Eye

'Andrew had recently lost a job. He had a Craigslist ad in the job/resume selection looking for any kind of work. . He responded right away with interest in modeling.'
Richard, The Third Eye

The quote above is how I began the first chapter of Andrew's story, featured on FH back in the summer of 2016. (Same Old Story) Andrew's story was featured along with several other models Richard had work with in 2015/16. Andrew's story captured before knowing anything about him, my fascination with his story began with the first image of Richard's I saw of him.

The image (HERE:) featured Andrew staring out of a window. There was something about the look in his eye that had me wondering what brought him to that window, what led to him removing all his clothing and be photographed in such an emotionally vulnerable way.

Truth is I don't know if Andrew knew he was projecting such emotion that would trigger such intrigue from someone viewing the image. As Richard shared in the first part of the story, Andrew wasn't a model, had never modeled before in fact. But, having just lost a job, he needed work, he needed money to pay the rent. There are models I feature on FH who have made modeling a career. There are other models on the site, who have jobs and careers outside of modeling but enjoy doing it on the side, as a creative outlet, or to make a little extra cash.

Then there are models who never thought of modeling before, but due to circumstance and opportunity, find themselves in front a photographers lens for the first, and often, only time. Andrew returned to shoot with the Ohio artist again this year, a little older, a little wiser, and with a few more life scares on his emotional resume.

Andrew's story is still a work a progress. He shares that he is still struggling to find a career path that he's passionate about. His modeling work with Richard however, has inspired him to seek out something creative, something allows explore his talents and passions. He is however in a happy long term relationship. Andrew's girlfriend is also creative, and works in the entertainment industry.

Richard is a master storyteller and each of the last three pieces featuring his visuals, (Kyle | Besecker) | Brian) have gone beyond the front cover into stories of transformation and change. Richard's images of Andrew continue to stoke my curiosity, and I look forward to discovering more of Andrew's story. As much as I love the physique and nudes, it is Richard's portraits, and Andrew's beautifully expressive eyes, that tease pieces of his story yet to be told.