Monday, September 7, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 8th

Cristian by Mount Photography
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Happy Birthday today September 8th

Happy 44th to actor David Arquette!

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Twas The Month Before...

Yes, I know Halloween is over a month away, but as I was driving home this afternoon, the local second hand clothing store had a sign warning us all not to wait til the last minute to shop for our costumes. That sign started me thinking... Given how much I love holidays, especially Halloween, it's not to early to start planning. If you're a photographer, model or artist and have Halloween, horror or frightening themed imagery, or have an idea for some, shoot me an e-mail. I would Love to have your work as part of FH's yearly celebration of all things that go bump (bump) in the night.

Favorite Five: Calum Hood

I have discovered, although you can run, you can't every totally hide from catchy boy band tunes. I find myself singing 5 Seconds of Summer's She Looks So Perfect more often than I care to admit. It might be the catch lyrics, or it might be the adorable 4 Aussies who make up the band.

Some of you might remember 19 year old band member Calum Hood from last summer, when his private snapchat went public. The bassist and singer took it all in stride joking about the incident. He had nothing to worry about.... Calum's unique hotness comes from Kiwi and Scottish heritage. Calum has an amazing smile, and being in a boy band, there are tons of pics on the net of Calum and his band mates having lots of fun while on tour. Thankfully for his fans, Calum seems to like his fun without pants and no one seems to be complaining!

Being mounted by band mate Ashton, not much room on the bus to escape.

Breather (Part 2) Cristian by Mount Photography

Last month, FH readers joined photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography as he took some quick shots of Antonin, (Breather) in-between the models work with photographer Andrew Bowman. Mark had arranged for Andrew to meet and work with both Antonin and Cristian and during Andrew's shoot, Mark took the opportunity to take a few snaps during set-ups and breaks.

After featuring Mark's images of Antonin, I couldn't resist also adding these incredibly hot images of Cristian. Mark has been shooting Cristian for several years and both his look, and his presence have beautifully matured over the span of their work together. Christian looks incredibly hot, confident in his sex appeal, demonstrated by how he moves and poses his body, and through his seductive and commanding brown eyes. Check out some of my previous pieces featuring Mark's work with Cristian HERE: