Thursday, October 17, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 18th

Image by Ross Spirou
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Happy Birthday today October 18th

Happy Birthday Vincent Spano!

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Naked News

A man has been cautioned for stripping naked on a train and alarming passengers...

The 26-year-old pulled off his clothes and ran around the carriage of the Lancaster to Barrow in Furness train last Sunday night.  A woman travelling on the service with her teenage daughter alerted British Transport Police, who issued an appeal to catch him.  A BTP spokesman said the man, from Barrow, had since contacted them and been cautioned.

Surprisingly Super Fun Night

I think I was one of the view people who really disliked Pitch Perfect. I especially disliked the break out star of the film, Rebel Wilson. Although I found her sort of amusing in Bridesmaids, Fat Amy in PP did nothing buy annoy me. Already a star in her native Australia, the film did allow Rebel to make it big in America, leading to her starring role in the new ABC sit-com Super Fun Night.

I had no intention really of watching, and even when I did start to pay attention after Modern Family ended, I fully expected to hate it. I didn't. Rebel Wilson, as over the top as she has been on film, actually works really well on television. The show had me laughing early on, and has continued to do so. Surrounded by a great supporting cast, especially the talented Lauren Ash created for an original, yet at the same time retro, fun half hour of television.

Another familiar face in the cast is UK actor Kevin Bishop. As soon as I started watching I knew I had seen him before, but it was not until checked IMDB that I remember why. Many of you might know Kevin from his memorable turn (and nude scenes) in the 2002 film Food Of Love. I became familiar with the screen captures from Food Of Love even before seeing the movie itself. Kevin is a bit older, but no less appealing. If you like Rebel Wilson, or even like me if you don't, I would give this sit-com a go. It is deceivingly quite intelligently written, goofy and silly on the surface, but much more underneath.

Food Of Love (2002)

L'auberge espagnole, Pot Luck (2002)

Ross Spirou: And So The New Journey Begins

With every note I write to an artist, there is an image that inspired it. With Australia's Ross Spirou, it was an image of Brett and Warren in front of the incredible windows shown at the bottom of the piece. When it comes to figuring out what to say about an artist and their images, I try to let the photographer and the photographs direct my way. With Ross, his in words about his work, and especially the journey to their creation, needed very little from me, just the sliding in of images.

Above: Mark

Photographing Mark was the beginning of a whole new journey for me for I was stepping away from my normal and very comfortable genre and that is Fine Art Nature Photography. Even though that was his very first time in front of a camera and my first time photographing a man in the raw, he was very comfortable with himself being there and his relaxed outlook on life really did make things very easy for me! Being out in the bush is where I feel most comfortable and photographing landscapes, little critters, plants etc is what I love but Photographing Mark gave me the opportunity to combine Fine Art Nature Photography and naked/semi naked men and I have not looked back.


Comparing myself to other and more experienced photographers, I am just a baby taking giant steps towards achieving my goals and with my goals being, to combine Fine Art Nature Photography with the beauty of the male figure. I often visit other peoples’ websites and blogs and Robert John Guttke is one of those photographers whose work always leaves me breathless and that’s when I say to myself, that’s it, that is what I want to do.  So, I have my many ideas and even more places to explore and as for my photography, it’s evolving and I’m going with the flow and I am looking forward to the future and what it brings.   And so the new journey begins....

Chris is a Doctor of Marine Biology turned Pole dancer and Instructor and when I first saw his profile on Model Mayhem, I knew that I just had to photograph him on the pole itself. We met for the first time at the studio mainly so I could check it out, check out the light etc. and we did do a test shoot which led to us organizing another day. I turned up on the second day with lots and lots of black fabric for I knew he’d look stunning with a black background. And stunning he looked especially when I slowed the shutter speed down so I could capture the movement of his body. Chris is very comfortable and proud of who he is and what he does and that came through in the images, even though the lack of natural light was a bit of a challenge.


Dan : such an easy going and pleasant guy to work with. A young Actor, fitness Model and we both enjoyed working with light and shadows. The morning sun helped us a lot but it was a chilly morning and I am sure Dan could feel it! And my journey continues, always looking for interesting places, always looking for models willing to give me their time, always wanting to create Art using Nature and the beauty of the male figure


Brett is one of the very first men I photographed and was a real pleasure doing so for he is a professional in more ways than one. He is a classical trained Dancer and has spent much time out of Australia while getting contracts in many Musicals. At the time, he had just returned to Melbourne for he got a part in Verdi’s Aida and I was lucky enough to book him for a couple of shoots and I look forward to photographing him again, if and when he returns to Melbourne. I know he won’t mind me sharing this but Brett is very much a city man and going bush is possibly not his idea of having fun and there I was dragging him through creeks and trees and where wild critters live and at times I found myself wondering about what he was thinking, where is this man taking me…

Warren & Brett

I saw Warren’s portfolio on Model Mayhem and got in touch. As we talked, Warren expressed his interest in doing a shoot with another man and asked me if I knew anyone that would be interested. At the time, I was just starting out with photographing men so I really didn’t know anyone that would be interested so I asked Brett if he knew anyone, not really expecting him to be interested. Mind you, I did think of Brett but Warren is stocky and muscular while Brett is very slim and I did not think the two bodies would look together. Warren liked Brett’s looks and the studio was booked.

Having photographed Brett twice, I was familiar with how he works but it was my first time photographing Warren and I looked forward to it. The two of them really got on very well and were very comfortable being naked with each other and at times I could even see the flirtatious side of Brett. The studio was mainly booked for the beautiful large windows and the rustic look about it and it was what I was looking for. The three of us met on the day with ideas and I really did not have to give much direction to the guys for they both made things very easy for me. Both were very professional and I appreciated them giving me their time.