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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

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Happy Birthday today May 1st

Happy 35th to actor Jamie Dornan!

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Bad Hombre: Mark-Eugene Garcia by Michael Berga

'We have some bad hombres and we're going to get them out'
A Total Idiot

One the multitude of things I dislike so much about the idiot who received the most Electoral college votes was how successful he was at corrupting things that were once positive. I know the term 'political correct' has been over used, and over done by some, but at it's core, being politically correct was simply about the consideration of others. Somehow, despite decades of fighting for the rights of those who were not born male, straight, white, rich and physically healthy.... maligning fellow human beings, took someone to the White house.

Great artists and story tellers know the best response to idiocy is not to argue back, that is rarely successful and a great waste of time. The best way to respond is to use one's talents to mimic, mock and shine a light on the hypocrisy, the stupidity and the danger lurking in the dark shadows of diversion. To pull down the cloak and mirrors to see the Emperor without his clothes. Now, no one really is interested in seeing the President without clothing, but Mark-Eugene Garcia on the other hand, is a totally different story. For his third appearance on FH, Mark shares why and how he transformed into such a bad, but oh so sexy, Hombre.

'It began on Model Mayhem. Michael Berga hit me up about doing a themed shoot with a complete forest scene set with a costume. He said it would involve full frontal nudity and that he was going for a vintage stag look. I wasn’t quite sure what it was at the time, but I was interested in trying something new. When I got to his studio I was amazed at the set that he had built. It was something completely new to me. A bit of a reality check that this was something that I do now. There were hanging lights, as well as ropes rigged so that it looked like I was tossing a lasso, a river, a campfire: It was a mix of crazy, thrilling, and mostly just awesome.'

'The costume ( or suggestion of one) was equally as exciting. It was the first time I had to oil up (for the right glow on the skin) as well as get mustached up. I learned a lot. Sweat melts spirit gum, so mustaches must be reapplied. Self fluffing is a normal thing. Oil is slippery in boots. And most importantly, when you are up on a hot set, oiled up, posing, dressed in a fake mustache and cowboy boots- laughter is important. There were may laughs, as well as killer conversation. Michael was absolutely fun and professional and this became one of my favorite shoots.'

'As cool as the shots were, they kind of slipped out of my mind over the years. Time passed and I moved on to other projects. But recently a certain person used the term “bad hombre.” At first, as a Latino, I was insulted that he used those words to describe what he thought bad people were. But then I decided, rather than take it as a insult, I would embrace it. The moment he said it, I incorporated it into my own persona. Adding it to my facebook, my bio- everything. I embraced my inner bad hombre. Jokingly, telling a friend about that feeling, he said I should make a calendar of Bad Hombre poses with a cowboy hat and mustache. That’s when I remembered …. I had already done it. Apparently I was a bad hombre long before being a bad hombre was a thing. And I had the pics to prove it!'

Jai Courtney in The Exception

I always though actor Jai Courtney was talented, not to mention incredibly hot, but I didn't know quite how popular he was until I featured him back in 2009. I did a small post, featuring his butt baring scene from Packed to the Rafters, not realizing it, and almost every post featuring Jai, would end up being some of the sites most 'clicked' upon posts.

Since that post, Jai has gone on to big screen success in films including; Spartacus, Jack Reacher, Unbroken and Divergent. In last years The Exception, Jai's nude scene included this frontal which hit the net with a lot of fanfare last week. If you haven't got on the Jai bandwagon yet, I say welcome aboard!

Gif from Alekz

Joe Dallesandro in Je t'aime moi non plus

In my attempt to find movies, and share images that I haven't seen before, I went digging into the Joe Dallesandro archives. I have seen, and posted about his Warhol films, but until the other night I had not seen Joe in 1976's Je t'aime moi non plus. (I Love You, I Don't) I haven't seen any of Joe's films in awhile, but right now, this movie, from French writer and director Serge Gainsbourg, might be one of my favorites.

I was immediately drawn in to Gainsbourg's story of two truckers who happen upon a rundown and pretty desolate truck stop. The two truckers are Krassky (Dallesandro) and his lover Padovan, played by Hugues Quester. Krassky, a little tired of Padovan's neediness, finds himself drawn to the beautiful, but almost androgynous Johnny. (Jane Birkin) Krassky is torn, but drawn to Johnny and much of the middle of the film is the two of them attempting to have sex. Problem is, Krassky is only comfortable with anal sex which proves both painful and loud.

Above: Joe by Jack Mitchell

After trying in a few places, they end up out in the middle of nowhere and finally succeed having sex in the back of the truck. Of course the course of true lust never runs easy and the triangle has a rather satisfying, but dark and abrupt ending. Dallesandro is captivating as usual, and I was hoping for more close ups of his beautiful eyes and face.

Director Serge Gainsbourg was seeing actress Jane Birkin at the time of filming so there are plenty of lingering shots of her naked body, especially her curvy backside. Gainsbourg does however give us a fair about of Dallesandro's beautiful butt as well, especially in the inner tube scene that I capped below. There is just one brief frontal when the pair comes out of the water, but I found myself so into the story, I wasn't bothered there were not more. There was plenty of Joe, and a very quick frontal from Hugues Quester as well.

Guy Walks into a Truck stop

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