Thursday, January 8, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 8th

No Birthdays of interest today, but if you search the date you can see who I posted about last year. Also, I am down with a bad cold and sitting up at the computer only serves to make my nose run even more that it is anyway. (Am I sharing too much..) Have a good evening all and I will have birthdays back tomorrow.


Favorite Hunk Of the Day: Josh Ohl

There is something pretty special about Josh Ohl. There is something unique about his face, almost an innocence in his eyes. Of course there is the beautiful body and his intellegence. Yet, Josh has not seem to taken off in the way some guys on the net have. Certainly Josh created a stir when he was first introduced on All American Guys. I have heard he was one of the sites most popular models. I think however that Josh is exactly where he wants to be. Josh choose to focus on his education, and college wrestling. I wonder if Josh still dreams of pro football and whether we will see a new photoshoot soon. We were lucky last year when Josh was photographed by the great David Vance for his new book.

Josh from ALL AMERICAN GUYS: Check it out HERE: