Monday, September 7, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 8th

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Happy Birthday today September 8th

Happy 49th to actor David Arquette!

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David in his new documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette.

A Lil' Costco Crack

Clean-up on Isle 9...

Favorite Click of the Week: Beneath the Waves

'Two brothers embark on a surfing trip together, attempting to bury past grievances in the process. As their surfing adventure unravels, so do the delicate and fragile bonds of brotherhood.'

No better way to close off the summer than one last surf day and a shower with two incredible hotties.  The reviews for the short Beneath the Waves were not exactly stellar, but these caps from Restituda, were certainly great promotion for me to want to see more.

Check out more images of actors Higin Prazmo and Kris Felix, and download the clip from the scene on Restituda1's World of Male Nudity HERE:

TJ Noir by New Manhattan Studios

Whether at home after a long day at work, or in a hotel room, after a long day of shooting and exploring, nothing beats a hot shower and then hitting the sheets to relax.  TJ instinctively knows how to use his body to erotically relax creating incredibly hot lines and curves.  Although TJ may be relaxed, the energy of the viewer is certainly on the rise...

Finishing Touches