Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Points of Protection

Shower Mask by Richard Rothstein

Horror Hunks: John Terlesky in Chopping Mall

'Chopping Mall - Where they slash their prices - and their customers!'

As soon as you'r introduced to Mike in 1986's Chopping Mall, you know he's the stud.  You know the guy, the guy in every horror flick who gets (spoiler alert) killed off right after having sex.  Mike is played by the equally sexy John Terlesky, who although isn't in the film for long, certainly makes his mark.

There is no machete wielding butcher in Chopping Mall, the killers are robots, hired to act as the security system for the mall over night.  With the mall locked down, the teens get busy, and Mike is the first of the group to get up close and personal with murdering machines. 

When I first saw Terlesky I felt he looked familiar, but I couldn't really figure out from where.  He got his start on the series Legman in 1984 and quickly started picking up guest shots on tv shows including;  V, The Facts of Life, Empty Nest and Walker, Texas Ranger .

Terlesky also had a brief, but memorable film career appearing in films such as The Allnighter, Secret Admirer and Deathstalker II.  Although he appears to wear very little in the poster for Deathstalker II, from the few clips I've seen, the loincloth was mostly just for the poster.  Even with a hunky cast, there is no nudity from the male actors, just some boobs flashes from the female cast.  Mike is shirtless during his death scene though, and the director also chose to kept his tight jeans undone.  Not nude, but did add a little something to the scene....

Chopping Mall 

Although he still acts from time to time, Terlesky moved behind the camera in the 90's and currently spends most of his time directing.  Terlesky is a regular director on some of televisions biggest hits including directing episodes of: Revenge, Criminal Minds, Scandal, The Blacklist, Grey's Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder.

The Cowboy Way

'If I rope him, can I keep him?'

When you're a kid, you go all out at Halloween.  Most trick or treating cowboys wear the whole get up, jeans, plaid shirt, even the leather fringed vest.  I knew some kids, who wore that vest even when it wasn't October 31st..  I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't still wearing it today...

Then it comes down the boots, the hat and the accessories.  You had holsters, badges, bandanas, hand-cuffs and rope.  One year, I even had a stuffed cow tied to my leg.  As you can see with these holiday wranglers, it's all about the hat, the boots and the accessories. 

It was sort of interesting to me that most of these holster hunks seem to live in bland, off white apartments and homes.  It sort of speaks to their need to get wild on Halloween, and pull out their big gun for a night on the town.   They all have a ticket to ride, and I'm sure they'll all start November with a buck and a fuck. 

You got to love all these city slickers for whipping out both their pistols, and their phones, to take a shot to share before heading out for the night on the town.