Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 21st

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Orlando's Bloomin Bonsai

When I first began FH back in 2007 I was looking for some regular features to build to build the structure of the blog around. One of my favorite features, and one that continued was Celebrity Butt Cracks. My first outing of the feature from October 2007 featured one of my favorite actors of the time Orlando Bloom.

Although I still love Orlando, he has been absent from the movies for awhile but the image of Orlando, on horseback as Legolas remains a favorite movie moment. It is appropriate then, that almost five years later, Bloom makes his third appearance in Celebrity Butt Crack with his recent bonsai purchase in Malibu. Check out all of the Celebrity slips HERE:

Just Because: Brenton Thwaites

I always groan with remakes, with very few exceptions most pale in comparison to the original which inspires it. The Blue Lagoon was not epic cinema and certainly did not contain epic acting, but really that was never the intent. There was a magic in the original, mainly brought on by the incredible location, the simplicity of story and Randal Kleiser's choice of hiring Christopher Atkins as Richard. Although initial attention went to the then 15 year old Shields, it was Atkins, swimming naked in the waters surrounding Nanuya Levu Island in Fiji that sparked many a young fantasy.

It is a sure bet that the cast of Lifetime's new version of Lagoon will not be showing the skin Atkins did, but Australian actor Brenton Thwaites is certainly an appealing replacement. On the plus side, Atkins is back in a cameo, on the down side the producers also brought in Denise Richards which is usually a sign of imminent failure. Regardless, Thwaites on the beach is more than worthy of a Just Because post!

In Your Face: Tyler by Mark Grantham

GRAFFITI sends a message, be it strong, edgy, erotic, colorful, artistic, sexy, is there to make a statement and to be might be rough around the invites bad pushes boundaries and is often outside the law and in your's have to steal a second glance...
It sounds a lot like a naked MAN

The naked man in question is Tyler (Ty_E), shot by one of my favorite photographers Mark Grantham. The statements above, part of an upcoming photo exhibit, Man + Graffiti, featuring the sometimes outrageous relationship between the male figure and color urban graffiti. I will share more of the details as it gets closer, but if your in or around the Santa Cruz area in May be sure to check it out!

Combining the male figure with urban graffiti has always been a staple of Mark's work and Tyler is heavily featured in the upcoming exhibit. With his long lean body, Tyler is pretty much perfection and an amazing model to represent what I love so much about Mark's work. Tyler says he has a high tolerance for getting dirty or mildly uncomfortable which is a requirement when your hanging from chains, bending over chairs, and holding on to rusty medal bars in the abandoned buildings and warehouses that provide the setting for Mark's artistry.

Tyler is also the perfect subject for Mark's new book on blurb featuring over 100 images of Tyler. Tyler calls modeling a periodic diversion and also a way to capture how he looks at this point in time. Tyler thrives on exercise and really pushing himself, occasionally to the breaking point. If the weather even hints at being good and he has some free time you'll usually find him on the beaches, probably running.

'Tyler stands out in the crowd. He turns heads. He's nearly fearless, totally uninhibited, enthusiastic, energetic, fairly modest, and very hot. Modeling is a lark to him - just something to do for fun - a chance to show off a bit, although he's still surprised at all the attention too.'

Mark reports putting together the book was a long process as he kept photographing Tyler more and more so it never felt quite finished...until now. Check out an incredible 37 page preview with some scorching hot images on blurb HERE:

Women I Love: Julianne Moore

I LOVE Meryl Streep but if I had to choose, I think the title of today's finest actress equal belongs to Julianne Moore. Watching Game Change the other night, I was more than impressed at her ability as an actress to have me look at Sarah Palin through different eyes. I don't agree with her positions any more than I did before I saw the movie, but Moore's portrayal brought sides to a woman the press had pretty much painted with just one stroke. There was nothing really new in the way of facts unveiled in Game Change, but what was new was perspective. In Moore's talented hands, I found myself having empathy for a woman in way over her head, under a relentless and uncaring microscope that she had no way, and especially time, to prepare for. Of course Palin was not even close to being ready to take on the position, but nor did she seek it. Someone asked her. It is McCain who bears responsibility for bestowing power on someone so not ready to wield it. With only a few missteps (chiefly Hannibal), Moore's choices of roles are generally superb. I think she first came to my attention in Short Cuts and among my favorite performances are Moore's roles The Hours, Far From Heaven and the under appreciated Shipping News. Moore has been fearless in her choices and doesn't shy away from showing skin, and thankfully so have many of the men she has shared the screen with. Below are a few of Moore's most memorable male co-stars. Ryan Gosling & Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) With Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right (2010) Boogie Nights with Mark Wahlberg (1997) Viggo Mortensen in Psycho (1998) Below: Eddie Redmayne & Hugh Dancy in Savage Grace (2007) Below: Colin Firth & Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man (2009) Colin really should have won his Oscar for his role of George in ASM