Sunday, November 1, 2009

FIGHT CLUB: Accidentally On Purpose Style!

Fight Club:
Episode 6

Accidentally on Purpose is hitting its stride so to sure not to miss tonight's hilarious sixth episode 'Fight Club'.

After Billie receives a large water bill, Zach tries to help by installing a low flow toilet. Things get crazy after that with the two having their first major fight as roommates. Lots of hilarity ensures including someone getting peed on in the middle of the night...

Accidentally on Purpose has yet to get it's full seasons renewal, though it's looking good, be sure to check out tonight's episode on CBS to help ensure we get to contiue laughing with Jenna Elfman, Jon Foster and the rest of the great cast the rest of the season!

While your waiting for tonights episode here is Nic taking us behind the scenes outside the set of AOP.

Just Because: Jackson Rathbone

Even though I did not love Twilight (I would rather watch The Lost Boys) I was happy to see some actors get the attention they deserved. Although most of the press goes to the overrated Pattinson as well as Taylor Launter not to mention the underrated Cam Gigandet, I was thrilled to see two of my favorites Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone featured in the cast.

I first crushed over Jackson during his time on 'Beautiful People'. Although I did not see much of the show, I saw enough to know it had an interesting premise and Rathbone certainly stood out in the cast.

Here are some caps of Jackson from 2009's 'Hurt'. 'Hurt' focuses on a recently widowed family who forced to move into their uncle's salvage yard. Soon after the arrival of a mysterious foster child, a family secret starts to threaten their lives.

Pic Series Of The Day: Ryan Matthew White by Paul Reitz

Paul Reitz does it again!

27 year old Ryan Matthew White moved to New York with a dream to be an actor. Right now he is making a splach in the modeling world, but it is just a step to his ultimate goal. In the meantime we will enjoy the work!

Check out Paul's official site HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 1st

Given the theme of my Sundays with Hans post below, I thought it fitting to have Pic Of The Day one of my favorites of the set by Hans Fahrmeyer, that of Philip Fusco!

Have a great day all!

Brandon Ruckdashel News!

FH favorite Brandon Ruckdashel has had a very busy summer. Besides acting, Brandon has been concentrating on his writing, spending much of the summer writing as well as working on his music. Brandon was recently signed with Music Manager Shaun Cairo of Shakir Entertainment. What can't Brandon do, acting on stage and screen, modeling, writing and now singing. Brandon has been singing on stage for years but now gets to focus on his own music. Congratulations Brandon!!!

As far as acting goes, it was recently announced that Coed Confidential will be back for another season with Brandon once again taking on the role of Zach. If that was not enough, Brandon can also be seen in two episodes of the new HBO-Cinemax series "Life on Top".

Today is also the final day of rehearsals for Alexander Pushkin's 'Little Tragedies'. 'Little Tragedies' are four short humorous yet lyrical plays about human nature's inherent contradictions. Brandon plays the son Albert in The Knight Miser, the servant Leporello in The Stone Guest, and the Master of Revels in The Feast in Time of Plague. 'Little Tragedies' begins it's run this Tuesday, November 3rd through Saturday, November 14th at Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York. For more information or to purchase tickets you can go HERE: As always check out Brandon's official site which is linked at the right.

All photos of Brandon featured in the post by Johnny Han.

Whats up with Nick Adams

Another of FH's favorites Nick Adams continues to be busier than ever. Many of you might have caught Nick's movie debut in 'An Englishman in New York' which aired on LOGO last week.

Nick also recently posed for a feature in Exercise for Men magazine. Nick, who worked with photographer Troy Philips is going to be featured in an 8 page spread!

Nick also just signed on to perform along with B.D. Wong and many others for 'A Very MARY Holiday', a benefit concert for the Ali Forney Center and Broadway Speaks OUT, on Nov. 30. To find out more and for ticket information you can go to Playbill news HERE:

As always you can keep up to date on Nick by checking out his blog whose link is posted on my links list to the right. As well as you should check out his Facebook fan page. If have not you missed a great pic of Nick out last night on Halloween drressed as Kim from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Lets just say Nick may have gone to far with the pec workouts... You can see his facebook fan page HERE:

Nicks Photos by Hans Fahrmeyer.

Favorite Click Of The Week: James Ratliff by Jeff Slater

Usually with my 'Favorite Clicks' I post on several links that I enjoyed over the past week. This week, Jeff Slater's work with James Ratliff was the one link that stood out to me above the others. I first saw Jeff's shoot with birthday boy James on Oh La La then followed to his site to see more.

I have been posting quite a bit on model James Ratliff over the past while. James from Nous Model Management is one of the most interesting models to hit the scene in awhile. James has an amazing body and face yet has a unique look which makes him stand out. James is also standing out due the brave choices he is making. James has been working with photographers whose work, like James stands out. This is certainly the case for his most recent shoot with the brilliant Jeff Slater. These shots of James look both retro and classic yet new and edgy. Retro and classic due to the focus on the form and the use of light and shadow. New and Edgy because you don't often see new models is such beautiful classic shoots. Be sure to check out more of Jeff's work at his wonderful site and blog found HERE:

'Buns' by Hans Fahrmeyer

-Sundays with Hans-
Part 8

One of the reasons I love the work of Hans Fahrmeyer is that he takes an unabashed look at the male body through his work. Some photographers take a shot of a male backside and use props or an interesting set to almost make the viewer not realize they are looking at an ass. Possibly this is a way to get their work seen by more people but I think most people are clear they are looking at an ass, even when it has a flower on it. When Hans Fahmeyer shoots an know what you are supposed to be looking at.

One of Hans signature shots is also one of my favorites. During most of Hans shoots, his models pose with their jeans or pants pulled down to various of levels. I love this pose and Hans has perfected it. This weeks Sunday's with Hans is the first part of a 3 part series of Hans look at the male backside starting today with the signature shot described. As always you can see much more of Hans work at his official site HERE: