Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 5th

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Toe Jam

Tales Out of School

Summer is over fall is here, 
Back to school for a brand new year
Pack your things, on the bus you go
Make new friends and say hello
Reading, writing, learning more
Than you ever did before!
Adding numbers, 1, 2, 3
So much to do, and learn and see
I'm so glad to meet everyone
Get ready for a year of fun!

Back to School
& the cast of Strip-U

Jake McDorman: Daddy Issues

'It doesn’t help matters when prime-time TV has Murphy Brown, a character who supposedly epitomizes today’s intelligent, highly paid, professional woman,  mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice.'
Dan Quayle, 1992

I didn't watch much of Murphy Brown during it's original run, but I do remember the controversy over her on screen pregnancy and birth of her son Avery. Political footnote Dan Quayle managed to make himself sound like a fool while at the same time, bringing attention, and even higher ratings to the CBS sit-com.

The statement was foolish not because father's aren't important, they are. The statement was foolish as it minimized single mothers, and their parenting skills while making the assumption it was a choice for all.

Cast of Murphy Brown

Well... little Avery has grown up, and grown up nicely in the form of actor Jake McDorman. Many of you may know Jake from his many television and film role roles, most of which wisely find a reason to get him shirtless. In the shows re-boot, Avery works as a conservative anchor host for a rival cable morning show that airs opposite his mother’s show.

Although a great premise for friction, I'm not sure I am up for another political themed show. The current political coverage is exhausting, and even shows that mock and criticize the current administration are getting tiresome. The Good Fight does it really well, but as the season went on I was hoping for a story line not connected to Trump.

I will most likely check out the pilot, if only for nostalgic reasons, and for Jake of course.  I suspect the show's pilot ratings will be solid, not Roseanne solid, but solid.  Continued success however I believe rely on how the show utilizes, but doesn't focus too much on, the current political climate.

Ideal Home (2018)

Shameless (2013-2014)

Holding His Own: M∆jiK by Chris Freeman

'I was watching Majik dance at Fantasy, a popular club in Chicago's famous Boystown, where he shared the stage with other top dancers from Chicago and New York. He definitely holds his own in any environment.'

Usually, when I feature a location shoot, I focus on on the fusion of the male form and their surrounding environment. With Chris Freeman's images of the stunning Majik, there was very little blending... Majik pulls the eye's focus, whether surrounded by abandoned building and graffiti or on the shore of a sandy beach. As glorious as the body of water may be, it fades in comparison to the body of Majik, stretching and posing in the foreground.

Those poses and those moves come naturally to the dancer and performer who struts his stuff nightly on stage. Majik more than holds his own in any setting, and despite being on stage with a group of other dancers when Chris first saw him dance, the Chicago photographer says he was immediately drawn to to him above all of the other dancers at the club. Chris took the opportunity to talk to dancer after the show, and Majik eagerly agreed to a shoot a few days later.

It turned out that Majik lived just a short distance to a beach in Gary, Indiana, and he and Chris arrived to shoot at 9:a.m, having the entire Indiana National Lakeshore all to themselves! You can see from the images below, they took full advantage of it! Chris didn't report any spectators or beach goers checking out the shoot, but I an only imagine the reaction of a little old lady taking her dog or a morning stroll, only to encounter a stunningly naked Majik spreadeagled in the surf!

Speaking of little old ladies, I am sure a few would be having their knickers in a knot if they knew the first half of this shoot were captured on the grounds of a Methodist Church in downtown Gary. After the beach shoot, Chris and Majik moved the ruins of the old Church and fortunately, found the fencing around the building unsecured. They welcomed themselves into the dilapidated building and began exploring the location before starting to shoot.

'It seemed like an untapped goldmine, though by the presence of graffiti, we we obviously not the first ones in there. Majik is very comfortable in any situation. Always relaxed and confident, he created poses that were very eye-catching.'

As much as I love Chris' shots on the Church grounds, I especially love the sensuous poses and moves Majik creates at the beach. Although Chris may have been just out of reach with his camera, Majik beautifully captured the feeling of being all alone on the beach with the wind, sun, sand and cool water washing over and caressing his bare skin.

Although I featured Chris' work shooting inside, it is his location work I love the most. Whether inside or out, Chris always manages to capture the male form interacting in and with whatever environment they're in. Chris doesn't use his locations as just a background, but instead captures the models he's shooting connecting and enjoying their surroundings. This was certainly the case with Majik, who seems to be enjoying the beach as much as we're enjoying peeking in on the day.

'I had a great time collaborating with Chris on this photoshoot. We both collectively came up with all of the concepts shots that were captured that day. I've been working as a model dancer for a few years now and one thing I've learned is to respect and celebrate other artists creative thinking. Chris and I did just that and we came up with these amazing photos.'

'Majik is a very talented, up and coming dancer, choreographer, and adult entertainer, getting bookings around the country. He has danced in Atlanta, Orlando, Indianapolis, and Chicago, and by the time this is published, he'll likely be in Phoenix. He's an absolute delight to work with. So positive, so cheerful, so punctual (even at 8 a.m.), and so reliable. I hope we're friends for a long time.'