Friday, February 16, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 17th

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The Bottom Line

Searching for shots of the Chippendales last week led me to a slew of great stripper shots, this was one of my favorites.

Olympiad: Morgan Ciprès

There were so many great skating performances in the pairs competition, one of my favorites, from the French team consisting of Morgan Ciprès and Vanessa James. Ciprès began skating before he even turned 5 and initially trained as a single skater. An injury led the 26 year old to miss the 2007/2008 season and he returned to the ice, it was a pair skater and has been skating with James since 2010.

Ciprès and James came in 5th after a incredible skate to the Disturb's haunting heavy metal version of Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence. The pair does much of their training in Florida, leading to tons of beach, pool and shirtless shots of the sexy French skater.

Ciprès and James

No skin or skating in the video below, but listening to Morgan talk is incredibly hot.

Like most young guys, Morgan likes to have fun with with his friends and thankfully, shares some of it on social media.  The toned ass second from left (in long white shorts) belongs to Morgan.

Morgan Ciprès on Instagram

Who Dat?

Often when searching for images for a piece, I come across a shot of a guy that has me wondering 'Who Dat?' That is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when I looking for shot for another piece and came upon the shot above. I was entranced by the guys beautiful yes and face, his lips and those oh so perfectly tossed feathered bangs.

A quick google search informed me those bangs belong on the head of actor Hutch Dano, an actor I had never seen, nor heard of before. Hutch hit the scene in 2009 and seems to be most well known for his role on the Disney Network's Zeke & Luther in which he appeared on from 2009 through 2012. Hutch also appeared on film and guested on television on White Collar, Law & Order LA and most recently on Training Day.

The first image I saw appears to have been taken when Hutch was at the height of his teen idol fame when about 17 or 18 in 2009 or 2010. As you can see below, Hutch is a bit older now but at 25, his beautiful eyes and face remain entrancing as ever.

According to his IMDB page, Hutch had a few movies released last year I will be on the look out for. Also an artist, Hutch's Instagram page is currently focused on his paintings, a collection of vibrantly colored abstracts which visually appear rooted in deep emotion and passion.

Chef D'oeuvre: Dale Kuda by Chris Teel

'Private naked chef anyone?'

I have loved photographer Chris Teel's work since first featuring his images 2009, and have especially enjoyed watching his artistry evolve with a heightened level of sexual intensity and risk. I often talk about a photographers use of light, but I have been loving Chris' use of dark of late. Chris blends an almost sinister, Gothic undertone to some of his shoots, adding to the depth of sensuality and the touch mystery and fetish weaved within.

When photographer Chris first sent on his work with the erotically emotive Dale Kuda, what I saw in the images was all I knew little about the Toronto based model. With his dark hair and piercing blue eyes, Dale beautifully embodies so many of the elements I love so much about Chris' imagery.

No stranger to leather or jock straps, Dale shares that as far as undergarments go, he actually only wears jock straps. For Dale it's for the comfort and support, but for anyone walking behind him, it's all about how they showcase the masterpiece they are so beautifully framing. Dale says that being comfortable with who he is feeds his sexual confidence, having no reserves and no shame.

This sexual strength is certainly exuded within his images, and along with his exquisite poses had me excited to learn more about the man in the visuals. A quick google search led me to discover Dale was in the of the top 10 of the first season of Masterchef Canada. I immediately thought of Barely Cooking, an old cooking show that was on cable when I was younger. With Dale's skills as a chef, experience in front of a TV camera, not to mention his comfortability with being naked, wouldn't he make the perfect host of a naked TV show, or maybe as your own personal chef at home...

'I have no desire to work in a restaurant. Over worked, under appreciated, stressful and extremely underpaid. I currently run my own household management business. I do a ton of private chef work. It’s a completely different atmosphere. I really enjoy the cooking I do and I am always taking on new clients and jobs where I can. Private naked chef anyone? 😉😁'

Dale has actually done some work with 'My Naked Kitchen' and would be open to another show of that nature. Working minimally six days a week, right now he doesn't have the time to put in the work required for such an intense and time consuming project. If you want to see clip of Dale in and out of the kitchen, and more of Dale in and out of his jock strap, be sure to check out his Instagram. Until then, learn a little more about the man with wooden spoon below.

Starting from Scratch:

The art of photography got me into modeling. I love seeing each photographers unique style. A little showing off never hurts either. Seeing the pictures is a huge confidence booster. Not just with my body but also who I am a person. I find the human body mesmerizing. I don’t consider myself a model. I look at my self as student of photography these days. Modeling allows me to further who I am. It allows me to covey my mood and emotions. It gives me a release on what’s happening in my life and who at am at that second in time. It captures that moment and makes the time stand still as I move foreword and change and evolve. It’s nice to look back at and remember what I was feeling.

Shoot Stories:

I recently did a photo shoot with Photographer Matt Barnes with Creative Direction by Peter Tertsakian. It was fetish and bondage wear. It was inspired by Tom Of Finland. The fetish wear felt so natural on me.

I have had a few uncomfortable moments shooting with photographers. It takes a certain comfort level to enjoy the process. It’s important to know your photographers personality. I have learned it’s also very important to speak up about something if you find it uncomfortable.

Body Parts:

I love my smile. It’s amazing how you can change someone’s day or attitude with just a quick flash. I get a lot of compliments on my big bubble butt. I really enjoy working out. I have been doing a lot of squats that have led to a healthy size in the back.

Dream scenario be for a shoot?

The name of the shoot would be. Why be a king when you can be a God. It would be of muscle male royalty stepping down off of their thrones wearing nothing but crown and capes. Kings would be bowing to me as a God.

Story or meaning to the tat on your lower back?

That is the Leo Zodiac sign. Bold, intelligent, strong, courageous and expect to be treated like a king. I also have an ankh on my left hip. It is the Egyptian symbol for everlasting life.

Working with Chris:

Chris is my favorite photographer I have worked with so far. I have worked with him multiple times now and each shoot is always so exciting. I feel so comfortable with him as photographer. I have more shoots scheduled with him that I am looking foreword to in the future. I love the process with Chris. He lets you choose what you want and makes the process go so smooth from start to finish. I am always amazing to see how well he captures the moment. He captures it just as well as I hope he will.