Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 15th

When I profile Peek Physique earlier this month, for some reason I really liked this image but could not find a way to work it into the post. Great shot!

Birthdays for February 15th

I have struggled to find anyone to showcase for a Birthday post on this date. Does anyone know of any interesting Birthdays for February 15th?

The Bottom Line

Boys At The Lumina by Angus Malcolm

'Male erotica suffers badly from over stylization, over sexualisation and in turn loses much of its artistic integrity in the process'
Angus Malcolm

At the end of last summer I had the pleasure of coming across the work of Angus Malcolm from Barnsbury Studio. I have covered Angus' work in several post since which included a selection of my favorite shots (HERE:), his work with model Tom R (HERE:) and his work with the Warwick Rowing Team (HERE:).

'Back when I was pursuing photography, my vision of what my work would look like paralleled the way Barnsbury shoots his models. Simple,clean images with basic backgrounds and fashion used to make the model look good, not the other way around. Barnsbury's models also look real, with natural looking make-up and minimal manscaping.'

I wrote the paragraph above in my first profile of Angus's work. I love the simplicity of forum so beautifully showcased in his work. Angus discusses the difference between naturalism and illusion within male erotica and although there is an element of illusion in every photo, his work clearly focuses on the natural rather than the stylized.

Lumina is the name of an apartment building in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. A recent trip to Sydney inspired Angus to create a portfolio of the unique individuals that make up the city, the distinct summer light and the serenity of the harbour. Those images are now a part of a Angus' first Australian exhibition, MARDI GRAS - HOT IN THE CITY beginning February 17th at the Iain Dawson Gallery in Syndey.

Check out more, including how you can purchase some of the shot at the Iain Dawson Gallery website HERE:

TIM by Mike Tossy

One of reasons I named the blog FH is that it gives me licence to focus on the F. Whether it be photographers, writers, actors or models I love to focus on subjects who I find not only attractive, but talented and interesting as well.

Above: Mike Tossy shooting TIM. Photo by Zedneram.

Last fall I came upon some shots of model and photographer TIM. I profiled TIM in two posts last October. (Seeing Red & TIM by Zedneram Imagery). I loved Tim's work and the unique creativity in both his modeling and his photography.

Last month when I did a post on model J.Phoenix I revisited the site of a favorite photographer of mine, Mike Tossy. I was pleasantly surprised to see a gallery featuring TIM in Mike's extensive online portfolio. I could see some similarities in the shoot by Desi by Zedneram and learned Mike and Desi had shot TIM together.

I really love Mike's work with TIM, he captures not just that amazing body, but that creative essence that makes TIM unique. I especially love how the natural light reflects off the yellow and orange in the background.

Thanks to Mike Tossy for sharing his shots of TIM with FH.

Check out more of Mike's work on MM HERE:
& on his official site HERE: