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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 18th

John Gibson
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Soap Studs

'Soap operas have the same hypnotic power as witnessing clothes turning in a washing machine - if you don't look away quickly, you'll be watching until the end.'
Stewart Stafford

Until beginning FH, I never saw myself as a Soap Opera watcher, nor even really a fan.  Slowly however, with each soap hunk that I researched and featured, I realized how significant soaps had been throughout my life.  It began when I was very young.  My mother watched both Another World and Texas and every day after school, I'd come home, make a sandwich, and sit in the rec room as she watched her stories.

Although I didn't watch the entire hours, and missed many days, I soon knew the basic stories, and who was who, even if I couldn't remember their names.  When I was in Jr. High, I had a girlfriend who loved The Young & The Restless, I used to go to her house after school and watch, mostly on Fridays.  When I was in University, I worked night shifts and the woman I worked with used to bring in her VHS recordings of Santa Barbara and Days of our Lives.

I didn't continue watching the soap with any regularity, but did find myself tuning back in on sick days from work, and especially over the Christmas holidays.  There was something sort of comforting about checking out a soap family celebrating the holidays.  I started DVRing Days of Our Lives  for a short while after reading about Will's coming out story and still watch Days and Y & R once or twice a month, especially on a day off, or around the holidays.

I also check them out when I see a soap hunk I want to feature.  Many of you may remember there used to be an incredible site devoted to soap hunks that sadly long gone, but several of my favorite sites still cover the studs of soap land, and their many scenes of shirtlessness!  Playgirl featured many of these men, especially throughout the 90's and I've managed to find and feature most of the soap hunks Playgirl spreads on FH.   Seeing the cover of the Playgirl Soap Studs issue, had me searching for more, and featuring a few soap studs I not uncovered before.

Cliff Hangers

Brent Jasmer

The Best of the Rest:

Hank Cheyne

More of the many Soap Hunks who graced the pages of Playgirl. Click on the links below to see my previous pieces on these soapy studs. Some I watched, some I'd only seen in magazines, but all had layouts I wanted to share. 

Christopher Durham

Michael Leon

Diego Serrano

Terry Lester & Brian Bloom

Brian Patrick Clark

John Gibson

Highlights: Soap Studs 1989

Michael Corbett

Playgirl Presents: Soap Studs
Spring, 1989

Jeff O'Haco

Although nude is great, I think these shots of actor Jeff O'Haco in his black briefs are some of the hottest non nudes I've seen from the pages of Playgirl.

Don Diamont

A soap God, I think actor Don Diamont is in the running for best in show!  Check out more of Don on FH HERE:

Steve Rally

I wasn't aware Playgirl hotties Steve Rally spent some time lovin in the afternoon.   Although it's not one of of his official IMDB credits, he spent a short time on the soap Santa Barbara.

Tony Tracy

I had never heard or seen of actor Tony Tracy  (Ryan's Hope) until seeing this issue, but that blonde slicked back eighties har, and those tan lines, certainly made him a memorable highlight.

Noticed but Unseen

Frank Dicopoulos

Frank Dicopoulos
Guiding Light
Frank Coooper (1987-2009)

When I was going through the archives of soap hunks who graced the cover of Playgirl, these three men I didn't want to leave out.  I sadly have not watched any of their time on soaps, nor seen any of their work as actors.  I had however, seen their images in magazines and on television ads and promotions.

Although their Playgirl shoots are all PG, there was something about each of them that stood out.  Their sexy feathered hair, hair chests or sexy vibe, but these are three soap studs that looking back, I wish I'd tuned into.

Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks
Days of our Lives
Peter Blake (1993-1996)

Michael Swan

Michael Swan
As The World Turns
Duncan McKechnie (198-2002)