Monday, May 28, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 29th

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Desert Moons

Instagram stars, and real life couple troypes and Zander Hodgson create a stunning pair in equally stunning surroundings.


Given his career as a model, especially one who worked for Abercrombie, Michael Mealor is familiar with being asked to disrobe. I first featured Mealor on FH last month when he made his debut in Geona City.

Since then, the producers have thus far, kept his slim fitted suits tightly on. This week, starting with a Memorial Day BBQ, they are wisely rectifying that situation.

From the preview, it looks like Mealor's Kyle Abbott will be out of his clothes... a lot. A #notanlines campaign will not only get Mealor out of hist, but his pants as well with what looks like an unfortunate bathing suit malfunction. Given it's a daytime soap on CBS, there are limits of course to what can be shown, but our imaginations can do the rest.


Although Clint Eastwood's Magnum Force was filmed and released in 1973, the character titles for many of the uncredited role were better left off the closing credits. Along with Pool Girl, played by the then unknown Suzanne Somers, there were also characters titled nude girl, girl by pool, black man, black dude and tall thin man. Although he looks in his late 20's or even early to mid 30's, Robert E. Simpson had the uncredited role of nude boy.

It's always fascinating to learn how certain roles are cast, especially non speaking nude roles. I have read some interesting stories about how extra's are cast for group nude scenes, especially recently in HBO shows like The Deuce and Westworld. Can only imagine how the football players/dancers were hired for their nude shower scene in The Best Little Whore House in Texas.

Last week, TCM aired Magnum Force, the 1973 sequel to Dirty Harry. The filmed involved a sun glassed wearing serial killer / motorcycle cop. About half way through the film, drug kingpin Lou Guzman (Clifford A. Pellow) is involved in what looks like a threesome with who appear to be a female and a male prostitute, both beautiful blondes. The rendezvous has, as expected, a bloody ending with every angle of the threesome shot with the female (nude girl Debra A. Estok) flying from the hotel's balcony.

Robert E. Simpson looked familiar, I was sure I must have seen him in other roles. He has in fact no official movie credits, only the uncredited role of nude boy in this film. Had me wondering if I could find out about his casting. Sometimes, for non speaking nude roles producers or casting directors, find people in different places, want ads, in gyms or through modeling agents. There was virtually nothing about Mr. Simpson, or his hiring on line except for his signed contract.

There were several contracts for the uncredited roles in the film on an auction site I found and it appears Mr. Simpson made about $200 for his role in the film. (possibly $400, but I doubt the scene took more than a day) If anyone knows anything more about the casting (by casting director Nessa Hyams) or what happened to the hot blonde 'nude boy', shoot me a line.

A Touch of Frost by msbimages

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 27th

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Holiday Heinie's


'In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.'
Martin Luther King, Jr.

As loud as the current political climate is, it is the silence that unnerves me most. 

Wishing FH readers a safe, peaceful and spoken Memorial Weekend!

Memorial Day images of Samajay from Studio1x

Rousingly Remembered?

'It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.'
George S. Patton

In addition to spotlighting new and upcoming models, actors and artists, FH readers are well aware that one of my goals is to also spotlight the past. It began from my desire to research and feature the many men who have inspired me, sexually, artistically and creatively. The hunks who triggered my carnal instincts, the men who's music, acting and films that made an impression on me over the years. It also became a great way to discover and enjoy talented and hot men I didn't even know existed.

Looking back has become one of my favorite parts of working on FH with A Vintage Vantage and Blast From The Past being two of my favorite pieces to put together. When it comes to looking back on those who died in service however, it has been customary to look back solemnly, often with ritualized ceremonies on holidays like Memorial Day and the forth of July.

There is a beauty in looking back at men in their prime especially in contrast to their surroundings and circumstances. Their is something quite powerful with vintage images of men, men with so much life and love to give, in a situation like war, where life and a future can't be taken for granted. Last year I did a piece entitled Window's Walk and followed it up with a post called War Stories. I have a few others planned, but it is always a struggle to decide how recent is 'too recent' and separating the warrior from the war.

My fascination with vintage images of men at war is as much about their spirit as it is their bodies and celebrating the strength and bonds required to get through each day. I can't help but think that most of these men would be ok with being thought of and remembered for not just how they died, but how they lived. If you want to see more vintage 'war stories' I added more shots on THE OVER-FLOW HERE:

Into the Pool: Bond by Gordon Nebeker

'Life looks better...under water!'

If you think back to when you were a kid, the above quote rings hauntingly true. No matter what was going on in your life, issues at school, with family or friends. Even currently issues just above the surface disappeared, or at least were muted when went under water. The sounds were fuzzy, the light and objects about out of focus and distant. As long as you could hold your breath.... you were safe, you were happy and you were at peace.

Inevitably however, you were forced to ascend, and that split second between below and above the surface was jarring, as the light hits your eyes and the sounds get maddeningly loud again. But... if you have the time, you can take a deep breath, and return for awhile, to the bottom of the pool.

Last month, when I featured Gordon Nebeker's work with the delectable Bond Brown, I focused on Gordon's work inside. If your saw that post (Proportional Posturing) you enjoyed Gordon's images of Bond having fun on tables, couches, chairs and counter tops.

Gordon described Bond as the human Energizer Bunny due to his high energy, enthusiasm and because when it comes to being in front of the camera, Bond is always on and ready to go. There was another part to Bond's day with Gordon and it involved both artist and model heading into the deep end. With Memorial Weekend upon us, I saved this set of images until it was time to open up the pool.

'I first worked with Bond in July ’14 when he came up from NYC to Boston on a bus so that we could do an underwater shoot together. He wanted to give it a try and with his long curly hair, I knew he would look great underwater. He did and then some!'

Gordon's underwater work has become one of his trademarks and the water ballet he captures is a visual blur of beauty, bringing about similar sensations we all experienced when we went under when we were kids. In order to capture the gravity defying water dance, Gordon spends most of the shoot looking up, balancing himself  and his camera as he shoots from the bottom of the pool. The water acts as a filter to the sunlight creating a kaleidoscope effect of glistening color and light.

'To this day, he remains one of the best underwater models I have worked with. He participates actively in the creative process and he is willing to work on a shot until we get it right. Some of the underwater shots in this article have become favorites of viewers at my photography exhibitions. My neverending challenge with underwater work is to create pieces that are semi abstract or impressionistic which often involves the surface reflections of what is taking place underwater. I don’t manipulate these photographs as much in post processing as one might think. It is pretty much what I see from under the water!'