Sunday, January 9, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 9th

Marvin by Bob Burkhardt

Happy Birthday today January 9th to:

Model Santiago Peralta turns 23 today.
All photos of Santiago by Hans Fahrmeyer.

More of today's birthdays HERE:

Derek Allen Watson on Next!

If you were in New York over the holidays you might have seen FH favorite Derek Allen Watson ringing in the New Year on the cover of NEXT magazine (NYC's #1 gay nightlife magazine), if you missed it, the great cover shot is here!

Just Because: Timing...

Democrat or Republican, I hate when anyone uses a tragedy for political purposes. 6 people died yesterday including a nine year old girl. Gabrielle Giffords, expected to survive, was shot in the head. Yes Sarah Palin's target campaign was disgusting but was yesterday the day to really be screaming about blame???

For fuck sake let the dust settle, let families in shock deal with their pain. For all those who felt the need to go on 'typing' rampages last night who exactly were you trying to help? It is not that I disagree with most of what I read, the outrage is justified. Blame is a complicated issue and screaming about it too quickly is never a smart move. Seems to me trying to allocate blame too quickly is what led to the US jumping into war after 911.

Brief Encounters by HANS FAHRMEYER

Hans Fahrmeyer has done it again creating an incredible new video, Brief Encounter. Be sure to watch closely as it includes Hans work with Philip Fusco, Rowan Pierce, Nick Ayler and many other FH Favorites! Be sure to check it out below. If you have not checked out Hans new site you can find it HERE: