Thursday, December 16, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 17th


Happy Birthday today December 17th

Happy 75th to actor Eugene Levy!

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Eugene with son Dan

Eugene Levy with John Candy in Armed & Dangerous (1986)

Ball Drop


Wave your balls in the air
Like you don't care

Alex & Valton by RMark Photography



I'm not bothered Erika won, she played a great game, but Xander, and his beautiful nipples, were robbed!  Not even a single vote?  Sure, he had a few cocky moments, what 20 year doesn't. He played hard though, and he played well.  Many on the jury seemed to have a chip on their shoulders about Xander from the get go.  Ahh, well, like others, I think Xander will be brought back for another try at the prize.

Xander on Instagram


Photography by George: Centerpiece

George by artist icannotdrawart

'I love modeling for several reasons. The sense of freedom, the gratification at being the center of attention, the legacy of having drawings and photographs of me that will still be around long after I’m gone.'

Everybody has their own method of setting up their Christmas tree.  Some people put in the same corner every year, or always in front of the front window.  Other people, like myself, attempt to find a different spot each year, constantly looking for a new and unique space perfect for the tree.  Regardless of your particular method, or where you put it, the goal is to make the tree a focal point, the center of attention of whatever corner or room it's in.

On the previous page, I wrote that although George has a few physical similarities to St. Nicholas, I don't get a huge Santa vibe form him.  When it comes to holiday symbols however, George reminds me more of a Christmas tree.  If anyone read my previous interview with George, (HERE:) you know he's done a lot of art and life modeling.  George is no stranger to posing naked in a room full of people, usually strangers. 

During these sessions, all eyes are on George.  The model and photographer knows how to draw focus, just like the beautifully decorated and brightly lit tree.  Families and friends sit around their living rooms, staring at, and enjoying the magnificent views.  Like George, I suspect the tree enjoys all of the attention.   For most of the year, they're just a Balsam, the pine or the fir in a forest of other tree's.  But at Christmas, they're on their own, stripped of their roots, and venerable to those around them.  They're a source of joy, a symbol for fantasy fulfillment, wishes and dreams. 

Christmas Mask:

When I first contacted George back in 2018, it was about featuring one of his images with another holiday theme, Halloween. I started featuring George's work as a photographer, especially images of his naked and masked models.  I soon discovered George's work in front of the camera, and the stories he shared about his work.

It was one of those stories, about one of those models, that had me reaching about featuring some Christmas themed images. Back in 2018, I did a piece featuring George's work with a model, also named George, that he had worked with. (HERE:)  In the batch of images that photographer George sent on was a shot of model George in a Santa hat.  I tucked it aside to ask George about later...


In addition to the Santa hat, one of the things that struck me about model George, was the story that photographer George shared about the shoot. Model George was the boyfriend of a female photographer George was friends with.  The female photographer was also a model who had also posed for George.

A year or so after working together, her boyfriend contacted George about doing a nude shoot as well.  That in itself isn't so remarkable, but model George must have been a bit nervous about taking it all off for the camera... He arrived about a half hour late to the shoot, and was more than a little hung over. He had wanted to do an erotic shoot, erections included, but given his hangover, he simply couldn't get it up.  

Both model and photographer attempted various things  to achieve a little rise, but on this particular day... little  George was not going to be a grower, no matter how much they tried.  Poor George, (model) I'm sure he was thinking that getting it up is usually not an issue.  Regardless of  rise however, I loved the shots. We've all suffered from a little lethargy from over indulgence, especially during the holidays...