Thursday, July 5, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 5th

Daniel by msbimages
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'Summertime, when the livin is easy'

Over the past six or eight months I have been going up and down with how often I have been posting. There were times I felt it was time to close the door on FH, then inspiration returned. Usually about this time of year I announce a month or so blog break. This summer I am not feeling such a break is needed, the blog has reached I nice flow with usually updates 3 or 4 times a week, making 75 or 80 new posts a month. Over the next six or seven weeks that number will decrease as I welcome the warm weather, weddings (always the bridesmaid....), some short trips and house guests into my summer. Posting will continue, so keep checking back as though quantity many dip for a short time, quality hopefully will not. Hope everyone gets out there to enjoy some of the summer!

Just Because: Thank You!

Just Because I love this image and felt it the perfect visual to accompany a thank you to all of the photographers, models and artists who have shared with FH over this past year. A Special thanks to those who multiple times, put their work in my hands to showcase, I appreciate your trust!


Exceeding Expectations: Daniel by msbimages

"His stark male nudes are visually crisp, masterfully executed and unencumbered"
The Dallas Morning News

'My work celebrates a minimalist aesthetic and documents fleeting ephemera: youth and innocence, beauty and strength, bloom and promise and at the same time mourns their inevitable passing.'
Michal Boothe by msbimages

Dallas photographer Michal Boothe's work has appeared on FH many times in the past. (most notably HERE: & HERE:) In one my features I was struck with how although the men Michal shoots are naked, more than that, they are seen. This may seem an obvious statement, but in fact what Michal accomplishes is really quite rare. In so many images that I view, even when a model is completely nude, they are often quite hidden behind make-up, behind shadow, behind concept.

With the goal of celebrating emotions of innocence, promise and mourning, all beautifully connected, yet at the same time wildly vast of range, a clear focus is essential. For Michal, that focus is clearly the face and eyes. In comparing both his incredible portraits, well as full body images, The challenging goal Michal set for as his artist statement are always beautifully met, no more so in this set with Daniel. Daniel has a great body for sure, but his face is simply mesmerizing, captured beautifully by Michal's lens.

What I think makes Michal's work stand out is the purity in he depicts his models so beautifully and simply naked. Many of the images you see slathered over most blogs and sites seem to be selling something instead of sharing something. The focus is on muscled models, oiled up and camera ready, standing tall and proud displaying their junk for the world to admire and salivate over. Michael's work exudes a quieter more natural intimacy. Within Michal's images, models are not ashamed of their nakedness, but nor are they especially proud...they just are. It just feels more about them, and less about us.

'Daniel is quiet more than shy. He is a talented artist and intelligent in conversation about film, literature, art and philosophy. Since he was attending a religious university when we shot, I was not sure what to expect when he said he wanted to "push the envelope" but he more than exceeded my expectations. He is truly one of the most naturally beautiful men I have had the pleasure to photograph and the combination of dark hair and eyes with porcelain white skin is an unbeatable combination.'
Michal Boothe from msbimages


Burn Baby Burn!

In putting together FH, I always have my eye on future subjects and stories. Whenever I scan something that peaks my interest, whether I am doing blog work, or stuff more my job, I have a little folder and notepad that I put down idea's and throw in images so that I don't forget. Often however, they end up being an image I cannot identify, or a photo that at first seemed like a great idea for a feature, that when I sit down to write doesn't quite come together.

Three photos above: Todd McKee

Over the summer, I am starting a new feature, The Burn Off to share these images and stories. Usually things are burned off to simply get rid of them, like networks do with doomed series over the summer. Although that is a small part of what I am doing, I also think that although the shots and stories may not inspire a full feature, they are also too good to just shove into my recycle bin.

Below John Allen Nelson

While I was in high school in the early 90's I had a brief fling with the soap Santa Barbara. The NBC affiliate where I lived chose not show the show in the afternoon, instead airing it every night a midnight. It was the perfect show to sink my teeth into as I got into bed. Sadly the show did not last long but introduced me to actors Todd McKee and John Allen Nelson. I actually only watched for a short time and did not see John on the Show but I did become a fan later on. You can see more of my previous features with Todd HERE & HERE: and with John HERE:, HERE, HERE, & HERE

John & Todd

Images of Todd & John come from one of my favorite ebay sellers for both great pics of men, but also your favorite actors and actress's as well!