Friday, December 23, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for December 25th

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Blue Christmas

If I could pick only one type of holiday decoration to use it would be lights.  I rather skip the tree, ornaments and various Santa's and snowmen for a string or two of bright, colorful lights.  Many photographers used to use the classic mini-light in the creation of holiday images, but I don't see as many these days.

Last night, when I saw these shots of Aussie Joey bedecked in blue, I had to reach out about sharing them on the site.  Many of you might remember Joey from his work with macpics, and his previous FH appearances. (HERE:)  Thanks Joey, for helping to light up the holidays!

Boy Toy

'A toy is never truly happy until it's loved.'

Every year on Christmas Day, I like to feature a vintage photo series along with the newer images I'm presenting. This series is one I think many of us can relate to. Like so many confused little kids, there were many Christmas's, I craved for a doll.  I knew enough however, to know it wasn't wise to actually ask for one.  I spend hours however, secretly looking at them in the Sears catalogue, and choosing just the perfect one.

I wasn't really however, interested in Barbie or female dolls, I wanted a Ken.  I made due to by asking for the pseudo masculine G.I Joe, but at 6, he was a little too much man for me.  I tried to shave off that damned beard, but I only ended up ruining it.  Today, I get the appeal of Joe, but it took me growing up a bit to appreciate his appeal.

This series of images from Bob Mizer's American Model Guild feature AMG models Jim Morgan and Larry Marianan. The two models play out a real live Christmas morning fantasy we all would have loved to experience.  Not just a doll, but a real life hottie, in the flesh. He was under the tree, ready to unwrap and play with, well... at least until your parents woke up.

Special Gifts: Zeus by Lights On Studio

'The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.'
Pierre Corneille

2015 was the year of Christmas traditions beginning on FH.  In addition to Gordon Nebeker's elves, 2015 marked the debut of photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) on FH.  That piece, Cocks & Candy Canes, was the first of many incredible Christmas and holiday themed shoots that Tom shot exclusively for the site. 

I've appreciated every every photographer, and every holiday shoot that I've been sent, and fortunate to share.  This however, Tom's contributions to FH have been especially welcomed, and have been especially meaningful.  As many of you know, Tom spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and in rehab earlier this year after a bad fall and subsequent heart attack.  

In late August, Once he was doing a bit better, and able communicate, Tom used a microphone to send me an e-mail and let me know how he was doing.  In those first few messages, Tom was unsure if he'd ever be able to shoot again. He expressed how much enjoyed coming up with ideas for the holiday shoots, and really hoped he might be able to get back to it in the future.

Well, thankfully that came sooner than we expected.  I had my fingers crossed Tom might be up for a Christmas shoot, but his determination and hard work, led to him challenging himself to shoot for Halloween and Valentines.  With the help of a cane, and his friend and assistant Karah, Tom was back on the hunt for models by early October. 

Tom managed to find two new models, Zilo, who you all met at Halloween. (HERE:) and Zeus whose making his debut in this series for Christmas.  Both models were incredibly helpful to Tom during the shoot, carrying lights and moving props and nakedly assisting whenever needed.  What is especially wonderful is that Tom was searching for new models prior to fall, but wasn't having much luck finding local models up for a festive photo op.

Timing is everything however, so by the time Tom was ready to shoot, he found not one, but two models ready to shoot.   I love getting e-mails from We-Transfer and Dropbox, letting me know there's a new shoot ready to enjoy and explore.  Those e-mails were especially special and welcome gifts from Tom this fall and winter.  It wouldn't be a holiday, especially Christmas, without Tom's work, and I thank him not only for the images, but for the manner and determination it took to create them.

For this shoot, Tom was joined by his friend Cari, also a photographer, who acted as his assistant.  Tom loved Cari with him as she was familiar with his style and equipment.  Zeus had not problem stripping down with a female in the studio, in fact, Tom reports they hit it off right away and got along really well.  Tom thought it was comical that although Zeus wasn't up for full frontal shots, he was completely comfortable walking around the studio, even with Cari present, completely nude.  This may have been part due to all the coffee he had on the long drive to the studio.

Due to all that coffee, Zeus had to use the restroom on several occasions during the shoot.. The restroom is not actually in Tom's studio, but down a hall in the building.  Each time he had to go meant a long walk past other studios and office doors, and the potential to run into strangers along the way.... Tom says that the one time he  really wished they had their own bathroom in, or at least closer to the studio.

'Although Zeus didn't go full frontal in front of the camera, I did have a pair of sheer underwear picked out for him and was initially afraid they were too sheer. I told him that he should try them on and if he did not feel comfortable in them I had other underwear that were not revealing. Zeus was fine with my choice had no problem slipping on the sheer ones. '

'Zeus was very comfortable and natural in front of the camera. He holds himself well and I could get good pictures of him just standing there waithood posing him. He has a great smile but I was captivated by his smoldering intense expressions. Ladykiller looks!'

Colin Firth: Actors & SKIN

English actor Colin Firth began acting professionally on British television in the early 80's.  His first movie, Another Country, alongside actor Rupert Everett,  garnered him both positive attention and fame.  Firth's first nude scene was in 1988 in the war drama Tumbledown

Hostages (1992)

In addition to his brief butt scene in Tumbledown, the film garnered Firth rave reviews and his first best actor nomination for a BATA.  (British Academy Television Award)  Firth has appeared nude on screen over the first four decades of his career from the 80's through the 2010'.s   Hopefully the 2020's will make it 5 decades.

Tumbledown 1988

Playmaker (1994)

I think one of my favorite scenes of skin from Firth is from 1994's Playmaker.  Love how Firth looks getting out of the shower.  Thanks to  xyzpdq for the clip!

The Advocate (1993)

In addition to the films featured here, Firth also showed a wee bit of skin in St. Trinian's (2007) and A Single Man. (2009)

Where The Truth Lies (2005)

Firth's turn in 2005's Where The Truth lies was a strong departure from his roles as straight laced gentlemen in Christmas films.  This scene was as surprising for viewers as it was for Kevin Bacon's character Lanny.  Firth's character Vince has a totally different set of rules for what's ok during a threesome.