Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday today October 20th

Happy Birthday today October 20th to:

Alberto Amarilla turns 30 today.

John Krasinski turns 31 today.

R.I.P Michael Johns

Viggo Mortensen turns 52 today.

The Ultimate Cougar: Catherine Deneuve

Move over Courtney Cox! Têtu magazine has the ultimate cougar, the still beautiful and always talented Catherine Deneuve with model Johan Akan.
Photos by Satoshi Saïkusa

Blog Readers Favorites:

'I saw this edition of Playgirl Magazine with Jim Brown fully nude when I was 15 . I found these images breathtaking and absolutely astonishing. He looks pensive, so adult and unselfconscious. These photos haven’t lost any of their power.'
David P

Thanks David for sharing with FH!
Keep Those Favorite Photos coming in!

Chris Jordan by Brenton Parry

My friend Brenton Parry over at Aussielicous sent me some shots he took this past Saturday of 21 year old model Chris Jordan.

'Saturday afternoon rolled around and I was off to my office to do another photo shoot towards my exhibition. Chris is a 21 year old aspiring model from here in Sydney. At 5′11″ he’s got the beautiful lithe body of youth and a great face. He was so patient with me shooting the stuff for the exhibition.

These shots are the other ones that are not for the exhibition but I’m really happy with these too. Personally I think Chris has great potential. He’s only done a handful of shoots and was a bit nervous but he’s done a great job.'

Brenton Parry

Chis has great eyes and a face and body Brenton captured beautifully!
Check out more of Brenton's work at his MM Page HERE: or of course head over to Aussielicous HERE: