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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 12th

Matthew by Rob Colgan
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Just Because...

'Channing was amazing. He's a superstar. Everybody wants to have sex with him.'

tru dat!

Santa Baby! The Nice...

Last week I presented the naughty, Issac Jones one of the Santa's currently gracing Southampton photographer Leigh Carter's sizzling site boy:gender.

This week, we peel the red velvet off the nice! 20 year old Liam hits just the right note, and the suit to heat up your holidays! Check out more, much more of Liam over at boy:gender HERE:

Head on over to boy:gender to see more of Liam and fill you stocking up with more of the men shot by Leigh Carter! You can also enter a contest to win a full year membership to boy:gender of your own!!!

The World Of Rob Colgan

'Most of my thoughts and imagery stem from those long weekend drives into the bayous and lost regions of the countryside that my parents forced us to endure. I remember driving past ruins of old antebellum homes, machines rusting beneath kudzu vines and bits of civilization slowly being reclaimed by nature. My face was always pressed to the window in awe. Strangely we were rarely allowed to stop and explore – we always had some unknown timetable that we had to adhere. Now, as an adult, I find those bits of humanity an interesting allure that demands documentation and incorporation into my work. Especially with the nude, it thematically suggests man as a symbol amidst history – unadorned, alone and finally able to seek himself.'
Rob Colgan

With favorite as part of the title of my blog, I am careful about using the word too liberally in describing the artists I profile. With the work of Robert Colgan however, I feel the need to be descriptive. I get such pleasure and joy every time I spend time with Ohio photographers images. The reason is quite simple, and beautifully stated by the artist himself in the About section on his own blog which I quoted from above. The first time I did an in depth profile on Rob's work, his phrase, face pressed against the window triggered many of my own memories. World's I not only saw literally, but created visually, while sitting in the backseat of my own family's car.

I think creating worlds is what Robert does so beautifully through his work. I remember when I worked on a profile of his images in Bank Job how I felt such an incredible blending of the present (models AJ and Anthony) with the location Rob set them in. You could literally feel, and even hear the stories of the buildings past. The thousands of people who went in and out each day, the stories of those who worked there, the holiday parties, the early mornings, the affairs between employee's, those who were hired and fired and devoted their live to the building and the work. When visiting Rob's blog again last week, he again took me to another world, this one, just as real, that of the old Ohio Penitentiary.

Above Vlad: A Visit To The Motel

'Vlad was a great symbol of strength and beauty among the ruins. I enjoyed the use of vintage clothing to emphasize the timelessness.'

The Old Ohio Penitentiary – revisited

'It was rather eerie to see all that remained in the buildings. It was as if everyone just disappeared and left everything where it lay. One of the most fascinating buildings to explore was the old James Infirmary – the facilities hospital. X-ray plates scattered all about. Old rusting beds. Dental tools still in their trays. Crutches, wheelchairs and false limbs waiting to assist. And the ever present iron doors and gates. You began to loose count of how many barriers you’d walk through in order to move from one area to another. And the darkness made it all the worse.'

I have come to expect Robert to juxtapose the decaying and forgotten buildings and locations he finds, with the energy and hope from a young naked body. In the case of the Ohio Penitentiary, there were no young men pressed against the run down buildings or rust filled bars. Just the starkness and reality of what was. Unlike the bank, most of the memories created in this location are ones most likely want to remember. Although I could still feel the souls who once inhabited the space, unlike the bank, I could not hear them, there was just silence.

Exploring Eliot

'Eliot was another subject that had to brave the poison ivy ocean in Zanesville to utilize the inherent beauty of the old abandoned farmhouse. Actually, by then I had discovered that covering one’s legs and shoes with disposable surgical leg guards protects from the effects of the ivy. Once inside the house, they can be removed and disposed.'

Fun and fabulous… Matthew

'Sometimes you stumble across a person who seems to enjoy the creative energy, draws from it and bursts forth with his own brand of modeling kinetics. Matt is one of those individuals.'

Lost House & AJ a’plenty!

'I have been fortunate enough to meet AJ when he was first beginning his modeling career and was open to the crazy schemes of a photographer exploring dangerous new locations of crumbling dilapidated structures.'

'There was never any fear or hesitation. There was always a sort of “bring it on!” attitude. Every time the bar was raised, I could see AJ thinking of what method he’d use to jump over. It was exciting on both sides of the camera.'

Robert Colgan doesn't shoot in studios, or even locations. Robert is an artist who places his models within history and memories. Along with the models who choose to take the journey with him, Robert brings to life, if only briefly, places most have long forgotten. Check them out for yourself at Rob's blog HERE:

Rob Colgan on FH:

Anthony Triolo: Part Of Me

Earlier this year I profiled singer and model Anthony Triolo. In 5he two features, (HERE: & HERE:) I focused on some of my favorite shots from Anthony's modeling portfolio as well as his single Avatar.

Avatar focused on the outside, the representation of what we want others to see when they look at it. What we choose to highlight about ourselves to attract attention. As a singer and model, Anthony wrote the song as a response to the frustration of those around him who questioned if he was good or hot enough.

In his new dance album Part Of Me, Anthony turns his focus on the inside. Part Of Me, the first single, is about something most of us have experienced at least one time or another, that love that got away. Themes of love and loss permeate each of the 8 Original Tracks written and performed Anthony, not just being in love, but questioning whether it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all! Check out the video for Part Of Me below and listen and find out more on iTunes HERE:

Check out more of Anthony's music on his Youtube Channel HERE: and on iTunes HERE:

Images of Anthony by Waleed Said
Anthony Triolo on ModelMayhem