Sunday, November 30, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 1st

Above: Reprise
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Happy Birthday today December 1st

Dempsey (1983)

Happy 63rd to actor Treat Williams

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Flashpoint (1984)


Late to the party as usual, it was just last Friday night that I finally saw Frozen. With the theme song already over played and over sang, I had sort of lost interest. My choice for movie night was sort of irrelevant however, as with my nieces visiting for the weekend, Frozen it would be, and it would be, three times, twice more on Saturday.

I did indeed love it, getting as caught up in the actions as the two little girls cuddled beside me. I thanked them for finally getting me to watch, but left out one of the main things I enjoyed. Like many of you I would guess, I developed yet another toon crush, this time on the dopey sexy combo that was Kristoff Bjorgman.

Kristoff and his reindeer Sven were my two favorite characters to watch and it didn't hurt knowing Kristoff was voiced by another crush, this one alive and not just digitally created. I love me some Jonathan Groff, and only wished they had given him a bit more to sing. Due to those frigid temperatures, and the fact Kristoff made his as an ice harvester, the character was usually bundled up pretty tightly, usually in full winter gear!

Knowing however, from seeing Mr. Groff take it all off on Boss, Looking and Twelve Thirty, it was easy to fantasize how great Kristoff must have looked under all of that material and fur lining. It is clear Kristoff cast a spell on many as when doing a search for this piece, tumblr's and DeviantArt were full of talented artists who have created various themes and scenario's in which to place a completely naked Kristoff. I included a couple of PG shots below, but you can see more with a simple google.



Twelve Thirty

Sweet, sexy, kind and just a little socially awkward... what more could you want?

12 Days: Joel McHale in A Merry Friggin' Christmas

#12 Joel McHale

Every year at this time television stations haul out their holiday movies. Problem is, most of them we have seen before. Now there are some movies like Miracle on 34th Street you can pull out every season, but I am getting a little tired of the countless replays of The Santa Clause, Elf and Home Alone. Don't get me wrong, they're all ok flicks but sometimes in order to really enjoy them you need to take a Christmas off from the same ole same ole. Between now and the end of the month, in 12 Days, I am going to feature movies you may not have seen, and of course the hunks who star in them. Hopefully there will be at least one movie, and one actor, that might bring a little joy to your holidays.

To be honest, last years A Merry Friggin' Christmas isn't exactly joyful. Not only is it one of Robin William's last film roles, it is also rather dark, if not honest, about what family gatherings are really like. The film is a mixed bag saved by a few well written and acted scenes by Williams, Candice Bergen, Lauren Graham, Oliver Platt and Wendi McLendon-Covey. It also stars the very enjoyable Joel McHale (12).

I have always thought Joel was adorable, yet since I do n't watch Community, I believe this Christmas movie is the first time I have actually seen a movie or tv show he has been in. Under those suits he often wears, McHale is incredibly fit, clearly spending more than a few hours at the gym the last year or two. He really kept me watching the film as I felt his strong desire to not replicate the mistakes of his own father (Williams) especially at Christmas.

Love the shot below by photographer Timothy White

I recommend checking out this movie, but remember it is not full of fa la la la la's. The Mitchler family have their issues, and might be to close to what some of our families are truly like to actually enjoy. The relationship between Williams and Bergen in particular is hard to watch, but again, because I have seen it play out many times in my real life. Like most holiday movies, it does end on a nice note, maybe too nice actually as it sort of changes tone a little abruptly the end in order to tie the film up with a holiday bow.

Joel by Jill Greenberg for EMMY Magazine


Deleted scene from Ted

Seconds Of Shea by Carl Proctor

'Working with Carl Proctor was awesome! He creates beautiful images and is definitely one of the best photographers I've worked with yet. I would work with him again any time!'

Last Sunday I introduced FH readers to Carl Proctor's outstanding imagery of Shea. The first set of images Making History were incredible and knew that everyone would have an appetite for some seconds of Shea.

Shea has such a strong raw and masculine presence in front of the lens and I especially felt it in this series of images from Carl featuring Shea in, and out of, his military fatigues. Shea is all business, serious and stern channelling both a little Louis Gossett Jr. and a little Richard Gere. An officer yes, but not always a gentlemen.