Monday, September 2, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 3rd

Ricky by GD Photowerks
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Happy Birthday today September 3rd

Happy Birthday Costas Mandylor!
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Costas in 'Delta Of Venus'

A Question Of Character

Ian Somerhalder always expressed himself strongly in his early modeling photos but assuming the role of Damon on The Vampire Diaries, never had a role that matched his confidence and raw sexuality. When looking his recent shoot with photographer Butch Hogan (below) you can tell the actor has finally found a role that allows him to really show all he has to offer.

Rules Of Attraction

Although I loved him when I first saw him in The Young Americans and in The Rules Of Attraction, Ian quickly became defined by his lackluster role on Lost, a show that wasted his talents, making him little more than background in the shows first season and killing him off before the end of the first year. Watching him emote and chew up every scene he is in on VD, it must have been stifling on that Island, watching some less talented actors around him get the meatier scenes and storylines. Glad the once lost, has now been found.


Tell Me You Love Me

Ian by Butch Hogan

Laundry Day: Ricky Roman by GD Photowerks

'I don't do laundry, I buy new underwear!'

Thankfully for us, in this series from Chris Bosch of GD Photowerks, Cockyboy Ricky Roman decided his Andrew Christian's needed a little rinse and spin! Although Chris says the images were not initially shot to create a series, they certainly invite the viewer to join Ricky in his fun and sexy laundry day.

Chris says the shots were done for Ricky to submit to Andrew Christian in the hopes that Andrew Christian might use him as a model. Chris has known Ricky for several years, before he officially became Ricky Roman. I love how Chris was able to bring out another side of Ricky, one I have not seen before. This adorable grin shines through in so many of the images, showing a fun, lighter and colorful side of the porn actor.

'He is a great model to work with. He takes direction well and is always willing to try just about anything. He has a natural sensuality that comes across even when he is just standing there. He also has a natural ability to pose without making it look like he is posing.'

The Connecticut photographer has been working professionally with over 25 years of experience. Chis has had his work published in several books & magazines and was at one time a photographer for Hartford's Metroline Magazine and a contributing photographer for Finer Things Magazine.

Chris says the shoot itself was done very simply, just he and Ricky using mostly natural lighting with a little bit of fill-flash. The images were shot at the photographers home rather than in a studio to give it a more natural look, plus it provided the ease of going back and forth from outdoors shots to indoor shots. Chris contacted Ricky last week and the images have now been submitted Andrew Christian. We will have to keep an eye on the website to see if all of Chris and Ricky's hard work pays off!

Boy In The Hood

Earlier this month while profiling Joe Lally's site in a Click of The Day post I was introduced to Joe's images of Major's Don Hood. I was instantly captivated with Monsieur Hood's images, his incredible look and hazel eyes.

2 images above: Joe Lally

Don is a model whose images are full of energy and personality that come through in his professional shots as well as when he is just fooling around in front of the camera.