Saturday, February 11, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 12th

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Happy Birthday today February 12th

Happy 49th to actor Josh Brolin!

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The Young Riders (1989)

Old Boy (2013)

Orange Juicy

His name was Rico, he wore a Diamond

In this version the Rico is Rico Marlen, and that diamond, it's in his nipple, but the rest of the story is pretty much of the same...

Quaternate: Stephen Kahrs

I first contacted Connecticut photographer Stephen Kahrs after seeing an images of his I loved of model J. Fenty. I was attracted to Stephen's work for many reasons, especially his unique ability to capture the male form with such classic elegance and beauty. Stephen's images are erotic, but not due to a focus on overt sexuality or body parts. The eroticism stems from lighting, angle and pose, especially the the incredible profile body shots, a staple in Stephen's work that beautifully spotlights the men he shoots.

I always look forward to featuring Stephen's images, and look forward as much to his headshots, fashion and fitness shots, as I do to any nudes that might be included. The images above is a perfect example of how a pair of white underwear can show of a great physique better than if the model, in this case David A Anderson, was wearing nothing at all.



A Return to Rockport: Joshua Gray by Stephen Kahrs

'There is something almost cinematic about this shoot, with Joshua channeling some of the debonair and sophisticated qualities of movie stars from an earlier time.'

Last Autumn, I e-mailed one of my favorite photographers Stephen Kahrs, about featuring his work for FH's 10th. Stephen was in the middle of some extensive home remodeling, so I asked whether Stephen had any additional images of model Joshua Gray. I had previously featured Stephen's shots of Joshua the summer before during my Last Gasp of Summer series. (Eye Catcher)

By the time I began working on piecing together the story, it was already Halloween and the anniversary posts were done. I decided then to tuck them away until after Christmas and connect them with a Quarternate post that I was planning for Stephen's work. After shoveling out from the recent nor'easter, and awaiting the next storm due tomorrow, I thought it the perfect time to return to Rockford and the additional shots Stephen had sent on of Joshua. I love Joshua's work, and given the new modeling shots he often posts on his Instagram, many others clearly do as well.