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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 2nd

Tharo Thagar channelling his best Zoolander!
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The Bottom Line....

A small dose of crack is one of the best parts of the summer season!

Spencer Neville: Out Of Uniform

'In the break, Derrick was fired from the hotel. And after my first 20 episodes, there was a lot of Googling and the fans saw some shirtless pictures and they’re like ‘we want more Derrick shirtless’ so I think the writers listened because my first scene back I’m shirtless by the lake and I think every other scene, too. Not every one but every other one. But it’s summertime so…'

2 images below: Spencer by Rick Day

During model and actor's Spencer Neville's first stint on Days Of Our Lives he had but one outfit, his character Derrick's bell hop uniform. (see my first post HERE:) As adorable as Spencer looked in his uniform, fans clamoured for a chance to see him out of that uniform. Spencer returned to the NBC soap this week, hopefully stirring more trouble for Sonny & Will and baseball star Paul Norita played by Christopher Sean. If I could wave a magic wand, Neville would have been cast as Will, instead of the insufferable Guy Wilson, but hopefully Derrick's return will add an interesting twist to the stagnant marriage and storyline.

Favorite 5: C Thomas Howell

Although I did see E.T of course, my lust for actor C. Thomas Howell came more through his appearances in teen magazines than movies and televisions shows I actually watched when I was a kid. I have since seen The Outsiders and many of Howell's flicks, The Hitcher being one of my favorites. You could get lost in Howell's dreamy eyes, and that face and those lips even overcame the unfortunate mullet phase.

Howell is still active in the film industry and has a slew of projects due for release over the next couple of years. He is also quite active on Twitter, and looks mighty fine in a fairly recent image (above) he posted on his Twitter page.

Battling With The Stars

This one is a bit of cheat, but in this Outsiders pic, Howell looks adorably uncomfortable with Matt Dillon in his tighty whities.

I used to order these Japanese movie magazines on E-Bay.  They were full of images never released in American.  Sadly they became too expensive with some now going up to fifty bucks a pop.

Come on now....

Although calling 1985 'vintage' is a bit of stretch, this image of C Thomas Howell from Secret Admirer,  has me wanting to find the 1985 flick.

And then there's this... but not sure screen caps count.

Tharo Thagar: Revenge of The Lens Louse

First two images from Robin Andersson

'I'm an full-fledged, skilled and authentic exhibitionist and have never had any problems with taking it all off. It's more natural for me to be naked than dressed and during the summers I spend all the sunny days on naked beaches.'

Working on FH, I always have my eye out for new and exciting imagery. Artists and models who create original visuals which are not only inventive and clever, but also work that pokes at the boundaries of artistic erotica. The second I was introduced to the work of Swedish-Italian filmmaker and model Tharo Thagar that I was seeing something new, exciting and incredibly sexy.

Next two images from Anna Fabia

Tharo' work is fearless. At just 23 years old, his presence in front of the camera is proficient and sharp. Bold and unabashed, creative and edgy, sexy and a hell of a lot of fun. There is nothing more enjoyable than viewing images where the model seems to be having a blast, it is contagious. I love to tell stories on FH, and Tharo tells so many within his work. In each shoot, Tharo doesn't just take on a look, but a complete characters. With his skill and experience as a filmmaker, he magnificently blends both feminine and masculine qualities, dramatic and serious and the wonderfully goofy. Tharo uses his face, his eyes, his hair and especially his incredible body to express what his characters are thinking and feeling.

I was fortunate to be able introduce Tharo to FH readers earlier this year in the feature, Winter's Last Hurrah, featuring his turn as a snow bunny shot by Dahlensjö Photography. Tharo and I began formulating showing more of his shortly after this. Finally we decided to focus on the images shown here which are some of Tharo's favorite's. So busy with work demands however, it took awhile to pull it all together with pieces coming while Tharo travelled around the globe. I threw out my FH questionnaire, with Tharo responding to some my questions while working in Warshaw, with his final answers e-mailed last week from an internet café in Rio.

Tharo by André Jacquet

Who or what got you started with modeling?

I have been a lens louse as long as I can remember and my interest for film and photography appeared at an early stage. As a little boy I could swallow 2-3 films a day and in my early teens I bunked off from school to watch the old classics at the local Cinemateque. Mum had studied photography and had many boxes filled with negatives and amazing pics from her youth. I remember sitting and looking at the different settings she'd created.

I started making my own films when I was 13 years old... It was mainly short crime- or splatter stories inspired by the film directors that I loved at that time such as Walerian Borowczyk, John Waters, Spike Lee, Pedro Almodóvar and Kenneth Anger. And when I began high school I chose photography as a subject and spent many days and nights in the darkroom. So I was actually more educated behind the camera when my modeling-career started and I strongly believe that has been to my advantage.

Tharo by Dan Dahlensjö

'At 16 I started working as an exotic dancer and stripper in underground clubs and events, there I met like-minded people who were part-time models and also photographers who were looking for new faces. I got the chance to go around Europe with the work and so it went on, every time I came to a new place I met new people who were looking for people to shoot'.

Tharo by Dan Cleve

And filmmaking? Are you still doing that?

'Yes! Filming is my life and my biggest interest alongside modeling! I just completed a low-budget feature together with two of my best friends. It's named Dyke Hard and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this February. It's an action-comedy-splatter-musical about a rock band in the 80s. Now I'm shooting this new feature with working title "Sanctuary for Prodigys", it's going to be like an essay-film meaning it will be 10-12 shorts put together into one film, and all of them describing one "sexual deviation" each. It will hopefully be completed at the end of next year.'

Tharo by Dusica Paripovic

Back to the modeling, what has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?

'There's many but one of the top ten was when I did a shoot for a Japanese motorcycle magazine. The story behind was that the designer for the motorbike didn't want any classic bikini-girls to pose with his "baby". Instead, he was inspired by Tom of Finland-drawings and wanted the typical leather guy-look.
For me this shoot was little like a dream come through cause I always had wanted to pose sexy on a motorbike since I adore all kinds of motor vehicles. That, combined with the fact that we did something both unconventional and a little bit controversial in terms of breaking norms.That's what I'm most dedicated to!'

Tharo by Christian Hagward

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots?

'I don't know if it's odd really... but for "average people" it may seem strange or somewhat grubby with photographers "fluffing" the models when they're having trouble getting hard during the shoot. For me and other models of my calibre it's a quite common thing though!

But I guess the most weird story I have is when I was doing a really trashy shoot in a muddy pothole on the countryside in Sweden. Suddenly this woman and her son pass by. They were really surprised by the scenario. Both me and the photographer thought she would fry us or call the police and charge us with sexual harassment, but instead the woman pulled out a camera and told her son (he was maybe 11 years old) to pose with me for a photo. A similar event took place when I was shooting one of my films some years ago, so I guess the town I live in is quite cool about freaky stuff, haha!'

Tharo by D.V.M Photo

What has your experience on ModelMayhem been like?

'ModelMayhem has really been useful! I've met lovely people that I've worked and created beautiful artistry with who I could never have encountered otherwise. It's so fine that, when you for example go on a trip somewhere, can contact photographers and models in that country/city! Actually I have been saved from strange offers and requests. I believe many of my photos are imposing and also project power more than common sleaze so perhaps that's why?!'

Next two images via Xavier Baeyens

Did the response from friends/family enter into your decision to shoot nudes?

'I only socialise with people who have the same positive attitude towards nudity as I do. It doesn't necessarily mean that all of my friends and family members are nudists but at least that they're open-minded. Yet, sadly enough, I have been compelled to screen and dump some "friends" during the years...'


So modeling naked hasn't negatively impacted your dating life or any romantic relationships?

'No way! Cause I would never ever date someone who couldn't accept me for who I am and what I do. But of course there's been occasions where people have dissed me before even getting to know me after seeing pictures or films. But that's their loss, if they wanna play it that way, you know probably we wouldn't have fit together anyway... I've learned to get rid of jealous people with prejudices at an early stage cause all they are is miserable time-thief's'

Tharo by Ewoud Broeksma

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?

'Too many! And to mention some: Terry Richardson, David La Chapelle, Sandy Skoglundh, Boris Mikhailov, Andres Serrano, Joel-Peter Witkin (I've actually decided to donate my body to his art if I die prematurely)'.

Tharo by Rickard Unge

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?

'My legs gets the most attention from people and I think those are also my favorites. I don't have to do anything about them, they don't get smaller if I exclude them from exercise, they just stay that way, haha!'

Tharo by Henrik Halvarsson
One of six images from 2011, Criminal, Beach, Fashion for Mums Magazine.

Why do you think you're drawn to modeling?

'Modeling gives me a kick, I feel empowered, bad and sexy! When I was a kid I was bullied because of my body (I was very overweight) and also branded as a weirdo and freak. One of my big passions was sports, especially gymnastics but my gymnastic-teacher told me I had to quit eating so much or there was no point for me to go on with the classes, so I quit. These experiences really scarred me on the inside but instead of falling apart and become a wreck I decided to "become something" and show those fuckers that I was better than them and their evil intentions.

So modeling was from the beginning a sort of revenge to all my tormentors but also my way of healing. Nowadays though, it's more an interest for the creative process. I can spend weeks to gather the right people and props for a photo- or filmshoot. Not to mention how wonderful it is to meet new people!'

Tharo by Jason Job

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot?

'I have plenty of ideas and drafts for shoots that include plenty of models and impressive props/costumes. I'm a provocateur and I love shots that are In-Your-Face and at the same time gets one spellbound. But there's no rush, I will have lots of time in my life and also uninterested in stressing somewhere. I will forever need my lazy days on the naked beaches in order to operate!'

Tharo by Jonas Norén
& Check out Tharo's film Dyke Hard HERE: